A Guy’s Guide To Growing Old Gracefully: Lifestyle Changes That You Should Probably Consider


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When it comes to facing the aging process, men and women face completely different pressures from society. Women are bombarded with all sorts of invasive surgical procedures, hair dye, face creams, weight control classes, shape controlling underwear, firming body butters and teeth whitening. Then there’s the age old saying that women over 50 become invisible. As men age, they often become more distinguished. Think of George Clooney. He turned grey and became a “silver fox”. Wrinkles are fondly referred to as “laughter lines”. Single older men are called bachelors. There’s supposedly something sophisticated and suave about them. Women? Once they age, they slowly disappear from film sets. They fade away from our television screens.Women shouldn’t be so pressured to look youthful right into their older age. But at the same time, many men should also consider taking a little more care of themselves. So, here are some ideas. Whether you’re getting on a bit or are young and believe that prevention is better than cure.

Hair Troubles

Hair is one of the main areas that worry aging men. Why? Well, many have fears of balding. This is much more common in men than it is in women. So the fear is well justified. Another fear is grey or white hair. Some are very content with this look, but others want to keep their brown, red or blonde natural locks. So, here are some ideas for those with hair worries.

If you’re worried that you’re losing hair, there are a few things that you can do. There are certain techniques that can keep your hair growing at a faster rate. Give yourself a daily head massage. This increases the circulation to your scalp. You can also brush your hair gently and use special products that encourage hair growth.

If you’ve already lost hair, you can try out propecia for hair loss. This is an easy to take tablet that can further encourage hair growth.

Food and Drink

Your diet greatly impacts your physical appearance. If you consume eight pints a day, you’re fairly likely to get a beer belly. If you eat junk food non-stop, you’ll slowly become overweight and then obese. Believe me when I say, it’s much easier to put weight on than it is to lose the stuff. But food and drink can impact you in more ways than just sliding the scales of your weight. Some foods are great for your skin. For example, dark chocolate, seeds and nuts, yoghurt, pomegranate seeds, soy and oatmeal. Drinks such as green tea are also great for your a glowing complexion. Avoiding excess sugar will ensure that your teeth stay stronger and healthier for longer. You don’t want to be putting your teeth in a glass of water on your bedside table when you turn fifty now, do you? Make sure that you get plenty of protein, for thick and shiny hair that will maintain a good condition. Spinach has a high iron content which allows red blood cells to circulate around the scalp properly, which will aid in hair growth too. Not only do certain foods have certain beneficial effects for your physical appearance, but they will leave you feeling better in yourself too. If you’re a health weight, there’s less pressure on your joints. You will have an easier time moving around and getting out and about as you age.


Don’t slack on exercise. We get it. You get more tired more easily after a few years pass. You might not be quite the spring chicken you used to be when you were 20. But that doesn’t mean you should curl up in a ball on the sofa in a blanket for the rest of eternity. Find a way of exercising that you enjoy and try it out. Cycling is great for those with weaker joints. It’s low impact and is less likely to cause injury to your joints than exercises such as jogging and running. If you’re trying to lose weight and struggle to exercise, consider swimming. This is low impact. You can take your own time and the water helps you to support your own body weight. There’s something especially calming about swimming and being immersed in the water. So if you lead a fairly stressful lifestyle, the swimming baths might be the ultimate respite for you. The more you exercise, the healthier and better functioning your body will be. It’s as simple as that. You’ll feel more energetic and will keep in much better shape than if you don’t do anything active at all.

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