#Garden lighting trends for 2017

Since moving to our house some years back, we have been trying our best with internal improvements, slowly but surely starting to focus on our garden space as our energies spill outside the house.

Our intentions for the garden include making it dog friendly, but most of all we want to ensure we create a good space for the whole family to enjoy, we have recently invested in a decent sized outdoor paddling pool, we have a BBQ on order and some lovely garden furniture.

What we do not have unfortunately is lighting! And I mean no lighting at all, not only do we enjoy relaxing in our garden on summer nights but, we are planning to have friends over for social events, which I am sure will end up running into the early hours, so I have been on the hunt for some great ambiance lighting.

So me being me I have been researching 2017 lighting trends, before I head on over to Festive Lights to place an order!

What do I need to look out for to keep my garden light trendy?

For me the key points for this years must have are Lanterns, I absolutely love them, the only downside is what style to pick, whether to go traditional wax or go for an easier to maintain LED style lantern. 

Another trend that has continued from winter is fairy lights, which could see me heading back up into the loft, ensuring we have a warm tone rather than an all out strikingly bright set to ensure we capture the mood for a cosy night!

I must say my preference for lighting has to be something easy to install and ideally solar powered (especially since I am yet to have an external power source fitted!). We do intend to get some nice decking installed at some point in the near future for the Mrs to have her rocking chair located for some peaceful reading, to keep on trend it is a essential we have deck lighting installed!

Once you have a project in mind you can quickly snowball as to what your want to achieve, but in order to have a truly amazing space tying everything together will result in a garden to envy!

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