Keeping your youth alive #fountainofyouth

There is no denying it we are all getting older, lately I have especially been feeling it after running around with the boys while trying to juggle a multitude of other things! So how can we ensure we keep ourselves younger? Should I go searching for the fountain of youth?

No obviously I need something a bit more practical! But there are things we can do that will improve our mindset somewhat! I have found trying new hobbies or skills has started to improve my outlook, recently having picked up kickboxing it has been fantastic, of course the aching for days after is not so great but it have got me to thinking about other pursuits to start!


Thinking back to my school days, my friends all had inline skates, unfortunately our family budget never stretched that far. I am thinking about picking up a pair of Proline Skates and trying my hand at keeping my balance, I am sure after a few knocks I should be able to get about quite easyily, in fact I could ditch the car in favor of skating to work! (Not to mention I would then be the one running rings around the boys!)


All the cool kids do it right? My balance is fair so I could stand a chance with this one, the only problem being ability to access the waves, having a modest family hatchback I am not sure it is ready for a surf board. But I am positive if I was to don a wet suit and ride the waves, it would render me refreshed with a thirst for excitement! (Although drowning would be a more likely option seeing as I cannot really swim – perhaps that should be on my list first, walk before you can run isn’t it?!)


As part of our kickboxing our instructor gets us to stretch out – way beyond just warming up stretches, all in order to ensure we can preform our best kicks (that and I think he likes seeing us suffer!). Although the process is not particularly gentle or relaxing, it does get you feeling ready to take on life. I am sure that as yoga is a peaceful art form it would really boost your energy levels!

Rock climbing

I have only rock climbed indoors on a relatively small scale, however when I got to the top, the sense of achievement boosted my reserves to want to tackle another challenge. As a family we love the outdoors and adventuring, I think pursuing proper outdoor rock climbing could prove to be beneficial not only to feel young again but to reinforce the family bond with close team building to overcome the rock face!

Here is to hopefully feeling young again!

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