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When I was younger I was never one for sport, I much preferred to spend my time sat behind the computer screen working my way through level after level! And although the boys have the gamer gene from both me and the Mrs we have been keen to ensure they get to experience different sports.

So what sports have they tried so far?


Obviously a big hit in school at play time, we have over the years encouraged the boys to join the local team, which they have dipped in and out of. They have recently rejoined and seem to have had an added boost recently – that could be down to the Welsh team doing so well last year! One thing you need to be aware of is only invest in boots etc make sure your children are really ready to commit to regular training (I am sure we have spent a small fortune over the years!)


We have played a fair bit of cricket with the lads, we tend to play this at the beach as its a quick set up game. Make sure you keep you kit up to scratch with the likes of Talent Cricket, we have gone through a few cheap bats in our time so it is important to go quality! The boys seem to enjoy cricket as it was easy to pick up the rules and they usually end up beating the grown ups!

Racket Sports

So I have group the different sports into one. They have tried table tennis, tennis and badminton, when they first started it took them some time to get to grips with the hand eye coordination, but they soon improved. The upshot of this was them being more serious, running to hit each shot and burning off some additional energy!


Being Welsh rugby seemed to be a natural choice, especially with youngest who is really built for rougher games. However after sometime of trying the local team, it regularly go cancelled short notice meaning they both lost interest. I still think it would be a good sport for them to try again in future and the still like to chuck their rugby ball around from time to time.


Both the boys took up Netball for nearly a year when they stopped playing football, during training they had the change to improve their aim, however as they were so young I was often drafted in to be the hoop they had to throw the ball into!


This is a new firm favorite for the boys, they now have weekly training and working towards a new belt. We find Karate gives them some discipline and self management which will be really useful in years to come. The added benefit of this class is me and the Mrs are able to do our Kick Boxing session afterward meaning the whole family get a work out at least once a week!

Now the boys are getting older they seem to be sticking with sports better, which I hope means at least when we do make an investment in sporting goods they will be well used!

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