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Shopping Online

We pretty much do all of our shopping online. From our weekly food shop to replacing our electrical items, we even ensure we update our wardrobes online! There seems to be no end in sight of what you can get your hands on these days with a few clicks of the mouse I can simply renew my car insurance or book our next holiday aboard.

But with all this shopping you need to ensure you are making wise purchases while getting the best deal on the market, often online stores have better prices as they have lower overheads, but as you are not dealing directly face to face negotiating a deal can prove to be difficult. However I am here to help and pass on the knowledge I have gained over the years in an attempt to save you from parting with all your hard earned cash! Some might be obvious other perhaps not!

Voucher Codes

When ever I shop online I always hunt around for a voucher code, sometimes you hit upon a big one other times small, however over the years it soon mounts up. One of my favourite online shops is Amazon so I often visit to find the latest deals on offer. I would estimate that I have saved in the region of one thousand pounds a year by using voucher codes, even simple codes for Dominos Pizza you can get up to 50% off! (Several time I have saved £35 per order)

Cashback Sites

Voucher codes usually far outweigh cashback sites but on the occasion I cannot find a voucher code I do make my purchases through one of these sites. Over the past decade I have had just over one thousand pounds in cashback, which doesn’t sound a lot but I now tend to use codes for the immediate benefit, I have found with some cashback sites they offer a great deal to begin with and then they fail to payout the cashback amount meaning you really should have waiting for that code to become available or try a different online shop!

Negotiating Deals

I love a bargain but I do not always enjoy the banter of bartering a deal face to face. My dad used to absolutely relish the challenge to the point where I would cringe whenever we stepped into an electronics store. But I must hand it to him he never left paying more than 70% for anything he bought, be it a new TV or a Walkman! So being in the digital age, I once built my own PC and as I was buying several items I got it into my head that I really should look at getting a discount like my Dad would have surely done.

So I found a little trick, simply email the company and inquire about a discount, this worked well and I got a 20% discount saving me in the region of a hundred pounds. The same was true with Dell when purchasing a laptop for them I found if you use the online chat function, you can really nail down a great deal, all without having face to face contact, which in all honesty would probably suit most people!

I do hope you have found these tips useful and I hope you manage to save yourselves some money!

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