European Holidays – A Voyage With Variety!

People living in Europe often don’t stop to think about how fortunate they are. From the placid Nordic lifestyles of Norway and Sweden to the more vibrant Iberian area of Portugal and Spain, there’s a lot to choose from. When you are planning a European holiday you can go any one of a number of ways. You can spend a week on the beach or hiking in the mountains – often within the same country.

Because of the way that Europe is set up, you can move fairly freely within the continent. If you’re up for a bit of traveling, and shop around for good deals, you can go on tour and see a variety of countries, cuisines and cultures. You should make sure you always have your documents with you, but as long as you do you can hop from city to city easily. How you do it is up to you.


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Most of Europe is now connected by railway tracks – since the early 1990s, even the UK is now connected to the European mainland. A popular option for students on their gap year, inter-railing allows you to get on a train in one country and travel to another. Once you’ve had your fill of that place, repeat the process. France to Italy to Austria to Slovenia, and so forth – it’s a fun, but often tiring way to see Europe.

Budget Airlines

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It’s not all that long ago that air travel was something only the rich could do. But since the 1990s, the advent of budget airlines has allowed us to book flights for low prices. Often, it’s cheaper than going by coach or train. You’re advised to travel light, as excess baggage charges can be expensive. But as long as you’ve got your passport, and stick to your itinerary closely, you can take advantage of cheap flights.


Most European countries have a coastline somewhere, making them accessible by boat. For many people, a cruise is the best way to see Europe. You have the chance to get on a boat somewhere and visit a number of different countries in the course of one holiday. As some of the most beautiful scenery is coastal, this is a fabulous way to see Europe. It also allows you to reach places like Sweden and Iceland, which trains from the mainland cannot reach.

Coach Trips

Travelling through Europe by coach is one for the hardened voyager. It depends on what you’re willing to pay, but you can travel cheaply by coach as long as you’re prepared to deal with a little discomfort. It can get a little cramped. More luxurious coaches are available for a higher price. If you have an EHIC card you can always just deal with the stiffness until you can see a doctor at your next location.

For UK travellers to Europe, it may seem like an uncertain time but as of this moment, freedom of movement and EU health insurance still apply. These rules also include the likes of Norway and Switzerland who are not in the EU, so how this will change in future remains to be seen.

For anyone looking to experience a little of the variety of the European continent, the opportunities are endless. It’s worth looking into today for the experience.

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