Keeping your rooms warmer during winter

During the winter your heating costs can be quite high, so how can you keep your house warmer during colder weather? Here are a few ways that you can ensure that every one of your rooms stays warm and toasty.

Get a programmable thermostat

Chances are that your heating system may already have a thermostat, but is it fully programmable? The best thermostats let you set the times when you want the heating temperature set either lower or higher. Many thermostats can only be set at one temperature and you’ll have to manually go and change the setting when waking up in the morning or going to bed at night. If you get one that can be programmed then you can just set and forget.

Close your curtains

Keeping any windows covered by closing your curtains can make a huge difference to the temperature inside your home. Windows are the number one point where heat escapes. For colder areas you can buy insulated curtains which help to keep as much heat in the room as possible. Ideally you should have a curtain that you can pull across any doors that lead to the outside, as heat can be lost around the edges of the doors as well as the windows. Often doors aren’t as well insulated as the walls of your house and can let a lot of heat escape.

Find any air leaks and seal them

There are probably places in your house that feel chilly. Chances are somewhere in that area there will be an air leak. For example, in the kitchen the extractor fan often leads outside, and the extraction pipe isn’t correctly sealed into the wall. This is an easy fix and the gap can be sealed with a good sealant of expanding foam. After you’ve filled the gaps you’ll notice that the chilly draft that was there before has now gone!

Close doors when you’re not using the room

It’s easier to keep individual rooms warm rather than trying to heat the entire house at the same time. Your heating will have to work much harder if all the doors in your house are open as it’s trying to heat up one large space rather than lots of small ones. Ideally if you can then keep doors closed, especially at night. have radiators that efficiently heat up your house.

Leave the oven door open after cooking

This is a little tip that many people overlook. After using the oven, leave the door open and let the heat from it escape into the room. Instead of all of the hot air being wasted stuck inside the oven, it will circulate around the house and help to keep the temperature up. Some ovens have a cooling fan when they are turned off, so be sure to turn this off if you want to ensure that the hot air doesn’t cool down quickly.

Keep yourself warm

The main aim is to keep yourself warm, so if you find you heating expensive then turn it down and put on a warmer jumper. Put thicker blankets on the bed and you won’t notice that the room is slightly colder.

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