Posterlounge Forex Prints Review

Posterlounge picture of a shark

My son was delighted to pick out three forex prints for his room.  They seemed more hard wearing than posters, but still a reasonable price.  Posterlounge had so much choice and we were very pleased with our order when it arrived.  My son spent absolutely ages going through all the different subjects before settling on his chosen three.

It’s easy enough to navigate the Posterlounge site as the products are broken down into different subject themes, styles or rooms.  If you want a bit more guidance you can check out their inspiration pages.  These show sets of artworks that work together well.  This is handy if you lack confidence when it comes to interiors.  Although as it was my son had quite a set idea about what he wanted.

Our Posterlounge Purchases

Now my son is 11 his tastes are changing, he knows what he likes and has his own ideas.  His first choice was a White Shark.  Personally, I think it looks quite menacing, but he was drawn to it straight away!  It’s a long way from his usual choice when he was younger with sweeter looking animals.  It will help the room look more teenage, I guess.

Posterlounge picture of a bright orange super car

Then he had the “bright orange supercar”.  This print creates a bit of an impact with the vivid colour.  My son seems to be more interested in fast cars these days.  Especially ones that look expensive!

His final choice was the “Dubai Marina at dawn”.  We go to Dubai next year so its nice for him to have a piece of wall art that will bring back memories of that holiday.  I am glad he was drawn to a city scene.  I do think he enjoys travel and seeing more of the world.  That is something we like to encourage as a family.

Our order came quickly, and we were all impressed with the quality.  The state-of-the-art UV printing that Posterlounge use mean that you get great colour saturation with your forex prints.  I especially like that you don’t need to frame it.  I prefer low maintenance every time, you just hang it straight on the wall as it is, less fuss and hassle!  The prints are very lightweight which makes it easier to move them into your perfect position in the room.

With our three prints the gallery wall has started but we might buy a couple more as time goes by to make it more of a feature in the room.  It really does help give it more personality and have it in a way that appeals to my son.

The importance of giving children choice

I was talking to my mum last week who used to be a foster carer for many years and she said children need to be able to make their own decisions when it comes to the clothes they wear and the way they decorate their bedrooms.  Doing so helps build confidence and make them feel like they have control over decisions too.  As parents we have a habit of planning every aspect of our children’s life but part of growing up is being able to make your own choices.

So if you want to start giving your children about flexibility when decorating their bedrooms Posterlounge is a handy place to start.

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