10 Essential Tools Every Man Should Own

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Your girlfriend needs to assemble an IKEA bookcase. Your dad needs help to mend the kitchen cupboard. And there’s that decking project you’ve been meaning to finish. Whatever your level of DIY, the following are essential tools that every man should own.

1. Miter Saw

Whether you’re a woodwork novice or a seasoned pro, a miter saw will make things easier. A power saw has a wide range of applications from laying flooring to more complex carpentry. Make sure this features in your tool kit.

2. Hammer

If you’ve ever gone to hang a picture and tried to hammer the nail in with a heavy object, you’ll know how essential a hammer is. Go for a standard claw hammer and see how it feels before you buy it. Don’t go for anything too heavy. Make sure it’s easy to lift and use. Depending on its application, wooden handles can sometimes break. If you only intend to use it to put up pictures, you’ll be fine. But for anything more substantial, opt for a synthetic handle.

As well as hammering nails, hammers are useful for small demolition work. For example, if you want to dismantle a small wall to rebuild it.

3. Tape Measure

Have you ever bought a piece of furniture and thought, yes, that will definitely fit? Only to have it delivered and realise that it won’t fit through the door? Sound familiar? Make room in your tool box for a tape measure. It sounds obvious, but it will save you a world of pain.

4. Cordless Drill

Essentially, a drill is used for making holes and driving in screws. It has many household applications. A cordless drill is much easier to use. Make sure you select a model with several drill bits of varying sizes.

5. Ladders

No more perching on the edge of the armchair or your bed. It’s not safe. Invest in a solid pair of ladders. They make life so much easier, and you can avoid a nasty tumble.

6. Cordless Screwdriver

Rather than worrying about lots of different screwdrivers, opt for a cordless tool. Most come with a variety of heads, including Phillips and flathead. A cordless screwdriver will make your flatpack projects so much easier.

7. Snow Shovel

If you live in an area prone to snow, a snow shovel is essential. No more breaking your back using a spade or short handled shovel. Use something that is fit for purpose. Always try before you buy and pick one that isn’t too heavy. It will make light work of the job at hand and spare your back.

8. Bucket

Another humble accessory but one that is extremely useful. Whether you’re washing the car or cleaning out the shed, a bucket is indispensable. Collapsible buckets have the added benefit of saving you space when they’re not in use.

9. Pliers

Every toolbox should include a sturdy pair of pliers. They will help you to grip a variety of items, without slipping.

10. Plunger

A portable appliance no household should be without. A great example of a simple design with great functionality. Simple to use and essential for unblocking drains.

Have we missed anything? What essential tools can’t you live without?

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