Top 10 films to watch with kids #films #top10

Now the boys are getting older, it has opened a bigger and
better catalogue of films to watch, as you know from my previous write up on
age ratings I am still quite keen to keep the films within the realms of safety with their over active imaginations.

So here are my top ten family films both new and old that we
have watched over the last couple of months:

10) Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

I am pretty sure everyone knows Harry Potter by now, this is
the first in the series of films, one thing to note is they do get darker as
you get further through the collection, so we have had to take a break before
finished the last couple. The films revolves around an apparent normal boy, who
is in fact destined to become a great wizard.

9) Descendants

This is a great straight to TV film, based around the
children of Disney “goodies” and “baddies”, the “evil” children have been given
a reprieve from banishment and adjusting to life off of the island, while
secret plans are being plotted!

8) Hunny I Shrunk the Kids

Funny family film, the dad is an inventor failing at
creating a shrink ray, one-day neighbourhood kids accidently hit a baseball
through the window and power up the machine, they get shrunk along with his own kids when retrieving it
and that’s where the adventure begins!

7) Paddington

A rather well polished Bear has to vacate his Peruvian Home
due to an earthquake, relocates to England all alone he manages to find the
Brown family who offer him a bed for the night, although the poor bear still
adjusting to living with people comedy ensues, earning this film a spot in the
top 10!

6) Avengers Assemble

Marvel is a huge feature in our house now, so we needed to
watch the first Avenger film, Thor’s evil brother Loki comes to earth to rule
as a demi-god, looking to unlock the true power of the Tesseract and open a
worm hole for his army to take over the world! Only S.H.E.I.L.D can stop him!
Full of action and adventure, it also has my favourite scene from all marvel
films: Hulk Vs Loki as featured below!

5) Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad

Alex seems to have the worse luck, but with an unsympathetic
family, the fun has just begun as they are all awaiting the best days of their
lives, promotions, driving tests etc only for them to turn in to Terrible,
Horrible, No Good, Very Bad days!

4) Inside out

Great animated film, each emotion has its own character, it’s
hard to describe the film fully but some of the scenes are so relevant to
parenting and being a child! My only hope is the boys pick up us parents have
feelings too!

3) Ant-man

Another Marvel feature. After creating a unique invention Dr Hank Pym
tries to bury the secrets as they could prove to be very deadly in the wrong
hands, now pushed out of his former company he enlists Scott Lang a former
master thief to steal back his secrets and stop the potential carnage from
happening, using Dr Hank Pym’s suit Lang can shrink to the size of an ant and
still pack a punch! Massive amounts of action in this slick adventure!

2) Pan

Great new take on a classic, Peter is whisked off one night
to Neverland, only to be met by a dark and ruthless pirate “Blackbeard”. Making
a new friendship with James Hook, they battle to save Neverland!

1) Guardians of the galaxy

An absolute epic of a space adventure, the start is quite
deep but from then on it is adventure all the way, it has everything in this
film! Guns, tree body guards, racoons with guns, villains and plenty more, if
you haven’t seen it I don’t want to divulge too much information here! But be
warned there are some very minor swearwords!

We have watched the above films from start to end and have
found them to be safe viewing for our family from 6 and a half years and up.

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