Top 5 way to improve your Netflix viewing #Netflix #Nightin

Netflix for me has now become part
of the family
, where else could you turn at 2am in the morning to find something safe and interesting to watch, when either
you cannot sleep or one of the boys is up ill!

So I started to ponder on ways that you could improve your
casual and binge watching of one of the best streaming services available!

So here is my top five ways to improve your Netflix viewing:

Install Netflix Enhancing Suite

Showing Netflix Enhancing Suite Buttons

I don’t really like the star rating system on Netflix and
one day I made a comment about it; when youngest picked me up on it saying that
you should respect what other people think! I had watched a couple of films
that were scored at 1 or 2 stars but in my opinion I would have scored them 4
stars and enjoyed the storylines, I decided I needed a quicker way to check the
likes of IMDB (I usually agree with the ratings on here), well this suite
(which I use on chrome) takes seconds to tell me the ratings a film or TV
series from a multitude of solid sources! Once installed you simply hover over
the film/show you are thinking of watching and the rating pops up under the
play bar.

Invite some friends over for a film night

There is nothing better to ensure a great Netflix session
than sharing the experience! So the next time you are wanting to watch
something new try inviting a few friends over for a movie night, getting your
popcorn at the ready and settle down for an all-night marathon, might prove to
be a hit!

Keep up to date with new releases

I must admit this is definitely one that I need to get on
top of, I often miss the new releases, especially with some of the shows that I
love, when the likes of Orange is the New Black’s last season came out I didn’t
realise until it hit me in the face and showed up as the featured show! So
short of researching and posting my own list each month, I have found a
reliable source showing up and coming shows for the UK (some
website can be a bit hit and miss if they are for the US or UK)

Get into the movie

Shot from behind the camera on a film set

There is nothing better than feeling like you are right there in the action, there are several ways you can ensure you are getting the
best out of your action packed films, if you have subscribed to HD Ultra, make
sure you have configured your Netflix settings to reflect the HD settings but
remember if you watch allot of Netflix away from home on a data limited
connection, HD will chew up approximately 3GB of data an hour and UHD 7GB!

Along with these changes take a few minutes to check you
have your television tweaked to give an even and in-depth contrast, at this
point I usually double check the sound system output is still central (having
kids they love nothing better than hanging off of the surround sound system!)
These tweaks only take a few moments to do but can lead to a very immersive
session, so much so you might as well be behind the camera!

Top picks for Sean

Ever had the annoyance that the one film you clicked and
that absolutely sucked, far too much to even bothered finishing, and now it has
started to mess with Netflix’s recommendations, well I have, Netflix began to
offer up some real “Gems” of films! But digging into the settings you can
easily remove films that you (or a special someone who keeps using your
profile!) have watched, meaning that recommended films are actually pitched

I hope these pointers help you on your way to an awesome
Netflix experience!

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