5 Tips To Take The Headache Out Of Moving House

Man Holding three cardboard boxes that are leaning over for Moving House

Moving house is considered one of the most stressful things you can do. We moved into our house over five years ago and I still remember it being a bit of a headache. I totally get how stressful it can be so thought I would write a few tips to take to make your move easier.


I can’t emphasise how important it is to be prepared when moving house. Make sure you are organised. Don’t underestimate how much time getting ready to move can take. Book time off work and see if you can get anyone to help look after your kids or pets. It can be quite unsettling for them when everything is changing. They will find it less traumatic if they arrive in the new house and everything is set up nicely for them.

Label Boxes

It sounds a simple thing to do but it will make all the difference when you arrive in your new property! Put the room the box contents are intended for. The removals firm can then leave it in the correct place.

Picking A Removals Company

There is plenty of choice when it comes to removal companies. But you need to pick out someone reliable like this trusted London removals company that has over 10 years’ experience.  Start by phoning around different companies and getting estimates. Make sure the estimate includes everything, M25 Movers pride themselves in having fully inclusive quotes!

Have An Essentials Box

It’s a good idea to put all your essentials in one box that is easy to lay your hands on. Packing lightbulbs might be a wise move! It’s amazing how many people end up taking them with them when they move! Also think about cleaning products, toilet roll and the kettle so you can enjoy a well-deserved cuppa!

Redirect Your Post

It’s so important to redirect your post. Even if you think you have changed your contact details with every company you deal will, some will end up being missed. Initially we did six months but ended up missing our car tax reminder and that was an expensive mistake to make. Without the reminder we completely forgot and go fined! Also, if your old mail is still going to your previous address you can leave yourself vulnerable to ID fraud. I think opting for 12 months redirection service is your best bet. You might still end up with post from the previous occupants, label it as not known, return to sender.

2 thoughts on “5 Tips To Take The Headache Out Of Moving House

  1. Yes, moving can be a headache. I once packed and moved our family 3 times in five years. Great tips here. I always label boxes clearly with all the contents and keep a master list with what’s in each box. So if I am searching for kitchen silverware, I can look at my master list and see which box it is in.

  2. The last four times we’ve moved, we’ve also kept a database of what’s in each box as we packed, and then just numbered the boxes. That way, if things had to be stored for a while, we could search our database and find an item without digging through all the ‘kitchen’ boxes. Welcome to Inspire Me Monday! We look forward to seeing more of your posts :).

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