What to do With a Spare Room at Home?

Spare Room

If you’re lucky enough to have extra space at home, are you using it to its full potential? If it’s currently cluttered up and used as storage, why not make a change and transform it into a fantastic, usable space in your property? Maybe you have a spare bedroom, or perhaps you’re considering extending outwards, into the loft or down into the basement, and are wondering what you’d do with the extra room. Here are a few ideas.

A guest room

We all know the importance of keeping in contact with our loved ones, but when friends and family are scattered around the country it can be difficult seeing them as often as we’d like. To make things easier, you could arrange for them to come and stay with you for a few days when you’re all free. Having a guest room at home makes this much more simple, there’s no need for them to find hotel availability or pay high prices. Fit out your guest room with a good quality bed, some drawers and a place for guests to hang their clothes, it could be a rail or a wardrobe. If you have space for an ensuite, this can make any guests stay nice and comfortable too.

A home office

More people than ever now work from home. Whether it’s remotely for a company, as a freelancer or as the boss of their own business. There are so many things to think about as a business owner, from compliance like https://jumio.com/kyc-compliance to accounting to marketing, you really need a productive space where you can do your best work possible. Invest in a good desk, you could even make your own by running a strip of wood or worktop along one wall for a nice large surface space to work on. Decorate in calming colours, according to colour psychology, blue is a good choice in the office as it can boost productivity.

A gaming/ media room

Having a room just for gaming or media (such as a cinema or VR room) can be a lot of fun. If you’re a fan of this kind of tech and enjoy it as a hobby, why not utilise the room to fit this? Painting the ceiling and the walls in a dark colour, and fitting thick blackout blinds will ensure that all of the focus is on your screen. Fit nice comfy chairs, and you could even add fun features like a popcorn machine.

A dressing room/ walk in wardrobe

Maybe you have lots of clothes, shoes and accessories that take up space in your bedroom. Perhaps it’s your partner that’s guilty of this. Either way, a dressing room helps to free up room, and gives you a nice, organised and relaxing space to get ready for the day. Fit some hanging rails, drawers and hooks for things like ties, scarves and necklaces. If you have good carpentry skills you could make this yourself, otherwise Ikea have units that can be all fit together to create the perfect fit for your room.

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