Are you cleaning these the wrong way?

Coffee being poured in to a white cup held in a hand. If spilt cleaning could be difficult

Sometimes the wrong tools and techniques will wreck the household feature that you were trying desperately to wash. Here are everyday things in your home that you have probably been cleaning wrong for your entire life.

Before we begin, it’s important to note that homes with hard water may have a different set of issues to deal with. Hard water can affect your dishes, your laundry and even your showers! Make sure you’re aware if your home has hard water, and know there are plenty of solutions to take care of the problem!

Cast Iron Pans

Dunking your cast iron pan directly in the soapy sink water with the other pots is not a good idea. When you let it soak in water, the metal will start to rust, and the pan’s condition will deteriorate. 

Anyone who wants to clean a cast iron skillet without destroying it over time should separate it from the other dirty cookware and dishes used that day, wiping it clean with only a little bit of soap and water. Dry it off right away with a rag so that there is no chance of rust building up on the surface. If the metal feels grimy or greasy to the touch, scrub it with coarse sea salt.

Sink Drains

When the kitchen sink starts showing signs of a clog. A lot of homeowners will run to the store to buy a container of liquid drain cleaner. The reason why you shouldn’t use drain cleaners to deal with your plumbing problem is that they contain hydrochloric acid — the harsh chemical is designed to corrode clogs and will eat at your drains, fixtures and pipes.  

If your drain starts acting up, you should try to clear the blockage with a clean plunger. If that doesn’t work, call up professional plumbers because they will know what to do when you have blocked drains — they will inspect your drain and quickly diagnose the underlying cause of the clog. The clog could be from a broken pipe, invading tree roots or anything else that can’t be easily dissolved by chemical drain cleaner.  

Call up a local plumbing company like Sewer Squad for an appointment when your kitchen drain isn’t working. They will have the technology and the expertise to find the source of the clog and get rid of it in a flash. 

The Coffee Maker

A lot of people who brew their coffee at home make the popular kitchen cleaning mistake of emptying the coffee pot and running it through a cycle in the dishwasher — this doesn’t address the build-up in the machine’s filter. To sanitize the entire appliance, put a solution of white vinegar and warm water in the tank and press brew.  

When that’s finished, you will want to run the cycle with water a few times. Make sure that the smell and taste of vinegar are entirely gone. Because that will be an unfortunate flavour in your first coffee of the day. 

Once you break those lousy cleaning habits and start washing these things properly, you will notice a difference. Your sizzling cuts of steak and strips of bacon won’t stick to your cast iron pan. The kitchen sink will be free of clogs and harsh chemical smells. The cups of coffee that you drink first thing in the morning will taste strong, delicious and wonderfully fresh. 

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