Teens and Cars: How to Keep Them Safer

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While it’s great to see your kids grow up and all that, it can be rather frightening for most parents to see them roll out of the driveway in the driver’s seat. They’re not kids any more, after all, and have even managed to pass their test and obtain their license – so is there really anything more we can do for them?

Besides from worrying while they’re out driving with their friends, there are a few other ways you can help them to be a bit safer out on the road and help yourself to feel a bit calmer. Here is a handful of tips in terms of making sure that they are staying within the speeding limit and continuing to be responsible as drivers.

It just makes it a bit easier for you to relax, as a parent, and make yourself useful while they’re busy growing up.

Download these apps

Back in the days, there were no other ways of keeping track of your children’s’ driving but to see it with your own eyes. These days, however, you can simply download an app and let it do the talking instead – at least it will tell you the truth each and every time.

The app TrueMotion Family Safe Driving allows you to tag along on their driving route through your own phone so that you can see where they end up and how they got there, in the first place. It’s a great app for parents with young drivers in the family – but perhaps a bit overly supervising if you have kids that are college-age.

There are a variety of other driving apps as well, though, so have a look at this article and find the one that works best for your family. Some of them are even for free or offer you a trial so that you can check it out before committing to anything by paying for it.

Talk about distracted driving

You probably know very well that one of the biggest factors to accidents among young drivers is, above all, distracted driving. They’re simply a lot more likely to get distracted while being out on the road and the best thing you can do it to talk about how they can avoid this.

Rowdy passengers in the back seat, loud and intrusive music, attempting to eat while driving, and even putting on makeup can all contribute to an accident. Talk to them about this so that they’re at least aware the next time they’re out on the road – and make sure that they talk to their friends about it as well.

It’s not always your kid’s fault, though, if something happens on the road. Installing a dash cam will definitely save you from a lawsuit in case they should be involved in a minor road accident so have a look at Blackbox My Car dash cams 2018 for a list of the best ones. Being a parent with a kid who is old enough to drive can be a mixed experience – but all you can do is, after all, to talk about safety and make sure that they have the tools to succeed.

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