3 Ways To Spend More Time Together As A Family

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To say you don’t spend time with your family is probably an untruth. However, how much quality time do you spend with them? We aren’t talking about those brief moments you have before the kids go to school. We aren’t talking about the time you have with them at home when you or they are otherwise engaged in activities that you don’t share together. We are talking about those times when you are with each other, talking, laughing, and generally engaging with each other on a personal and social level.

So, consider your family. How much quality time have you spent together recently? If very little, then you might want to think about the following.

#1: Cut down busy schedules

If you want to spend more time with your family (and you really should), you need to make time for it. If you are forever booking your kids into activities and clubs that are away from home, reduce the number of them, providing they aren’t a priority for your children. If you spend too much time in your home office, perhaps because you have brought work home with you, then resist the temptation. And if your social life impinges on your family time, start to make more time for the people you live with, and a little less time for the people you regularly socialise with.

#2: Schedule family time in the week

Despite our previous point, there may still be moments when it’s impossible to spend a lot of quality time at home, perhaps because your kids might want to do something else with their time other than spending it with you, or because everybody’s busy lives get in the way. As the parent, therefore, you need to create a schedule that ensures you do get time together. You might insist on having meals together, for example, or you might find a shared activity that you will all enjoy doing together, be that something inside or fun family activities outdoors. Make these things a habit, and quality family time will become the norm.

#3: Plan a holiday

When planning a holiday, ensure it’s something that will bring everybody together. You might choose to book a camping holiday in a place with no wifi signal, for example, ensuring people aren’t distracted from each other by their mobile devices. You might also consider buying a caravan, perhaps using a caravan loan from Autofinanceonline.com if you need help with the expense, as this will literally bring you closer together as there will be fewer places to hide when away. But whatever type of holiday you choose, plan to enjoy it together, taking part in family activities, such as playing board games, going for walks, and any outdoor pursuits that are suitable for everybody.


Never underestimate the importance of family time. By finding ways to be together, you will grow the bond you have between you and live with less regrets down the line when your children become adults and move on. So, consider what we have suggested in this article, and start to put a plan in place today to give you all that quality time to spend together.

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