Keeping your house’s original features while renovating!

Living room with sofa and tv, sash windows home renovating

While we are well underway on our house renovation project. It really has been a massive undertaking, blood, sweat and tears have been shed but we are hopefully now on the home run! With most of the high cost jobs done we can focus on finishing up some of the internal spaces.

However, since undertaking the project we have had to make some unfortunate sacrifices to the house. The lovely window wood panels were rotten and woodworm infested so we had to take them out. The windows all needed replacing. The lovely tiled hallway flooring has taken a battering with all the trade peoples mess.

The list goes on! However, not all is lost! We took pictures of the house before any work was undertaken for the purpose of getting the original features reinstated once the core work was done!


Seeing the lovely sash windows being ripped out was really sad, however getting modern replacement sash windows was a smart move. Keeping the house looking original, the new windows aided with waterproofing the house. Keeping the warmth in and reducing the exterior noise that the old windows used to like to let in! An added benefit of new sash windows is the extra security now its a modern design.  It has all the sophisticated locking system newer models enjoy.

The windows themselves were of priority for us as the weather was getting in, even with the slightest of rainfall. After securing the house against the weather and getting the bays boxed out we wanted to reinstall some original wood paneling. From the pictures we took prior to the work we were able to match them up with the double heritage panel design and source a supplier online. Bringing in a carpenter to install will ensure the finishing touch is flawless.

Victorian Tile Floor

Victorian Tile Floor

I really fell in love with this original feature of the house. My wife however would like us to cover this up with wood flooring! Her decision on this has been made due to the fact that the floor looks so grubby and damaged. In real terms there is not a lot that can be done about the cracks that have occurred over years. But that is all about the character of the house. The grubbiness is something that I can do something about.

I have watched several videos on youtube and read a few articles on how to clean the floor. The aim of which is to restore it to its former glory (I really do not want to cover it up!). Most of these suggest different concoctions to clean. I think I will be opting for a light acid wash, the aim here is to wash sections of the floor at a time and rinse it off as you go. Repeating this action three of four times until you have removed the years of dirt that have built up. The benefit here for us is it will also remove any old cement or plaster that has been added during the renovation.

Fire Places & Ceiling Rose

We had three chimneys but not one fireplace when we moved in. We do not have anything to work with here but we are planning to install at least one multi-fuel stove in the heart of the house. If you do move into a house with some original fireplaces, it is well worth taking a picture. So you have the option to renovate and reinstall later on!

We do have two very ornate ceiling roses in our house, however there are a number missing due to the use of the house prior to us moving in. Its a great shame as they really do make the house look that little bit extra grand. The high ceilings look lost without a centerpiece, I would recommend replacing as many as you can.



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