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I have been blogging for a fair few years. During the time I have had to gain new skills. SEO being one of the hardest to master, mainly due to the changing landscape! If you are newly setting out here are some of my Blogging Tips to optimise your SEO early on!

Pick your blogging platform

When you are first setting up, make sure you do your homework. When I set my blog up I chose Blogger, however once I started to make an income I soon migrated over to WordPress. The main driving force for this was the availability of addons. Along with an improved SEO toolkit that gives you handy hints and tips! Once you have your platform of choice, it is very important to get your own website domain. You will not start to gain your own domain rank unless you have your own website name! For example, my domain would have been which would not have ranked, instead I purchased

Research what you need to know

With all things you are new too, you will need to invest time in researching. For me I am still in the throws of learning good SEO techniques. A great resource is Click Consult they have a variety of e-books at your disposal! If you do run into problems I always find a quick google search can sort things right out! I often find that you get some reassurance once you find others have been facing the same issue!

Creating content

It can be hard creating content when first starting out. Deciding what to write about can be daunting. However if you do find you have a dry spell head over to google trends. You can then simply create content about popular searches. Remembering to keep your posts to over 300 words, but ideally 500! When you have your finished content, with word press you get a readability score. It can be crucial to ensure you are on target with this as it will rank better in google! In addition to the readability you have an SEO section where you need to insert your keyword, for example this post I will be using “Blogging Tips”. You are aiming here to capture the posts content in only a couple of words. Along with the written content, it is paramount you have at least one picture in the post!

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