Tips for installing your own blinds

Installing Blinds

With so many renovations going on in our house I have learnt a few skills to try and keep costs down!  You can read my earlier post about fitting laminate flooring.  But our latest saving is fitting our own blinds.

We once priced up a company to fit them and it got quite expensive.  It’s surprisingly easy so I can’t justify spending too much just to include the fitting.  I like to order my own blinds there are plenty of sites offering them at a reasonable price.

Here are a few tips if you decide to install your own blinds

Check Your Measurements

Double check your measurements and make sure they are accurate before ordering your blinds

Blind Cover

Some sites let you pay a little extra and give you cover if your mis-calculated your measurements.

Pick Simple to Fit Blinds

Direct Blinds have Neat Fit Blinds with a rubber seal between the glass and the frame.  Installation is so simple because you don’t even need to drill!  We had to order wall plugs before as we had no beam to secure the screws, so ordering those blinds would have been a much better option.

Buy Quality Blinds

We have had issues with light leakage so have realised some blind companies are better than others.  One company we used the blinds were so flimsy they didn’t hang very well!  Lots of light keeps filtering through the gaps!

Keeping Children Safe

If you have young children think about the cord.  Pick out a blind that doesn’t feature them.  Our latest blinds have a wand instead.  I prefer this as cords always get tangled up and it’s a nightmare sorting them out!  If you still have a cord use a child safety clip.  Cords are a hazard, legislation came into effect in 2014 to make blinds safer.  You can order these safety clips from Make it Child Safe.

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