How to Stay on Top of Household Chores with a Newborn Baby

Chores with a Newborn Baby

Bringing home your newborn baby that first day is one of the most exciting times in a parent’s life. Seeing your precious bundle of joy in your home makes it real, and suddenly life becomes very different. While you may be prepared for the fact you’ll be feeling tired at first as you care for your newborn baby, what you may not be prepared for is just how difficult it is to care for a baby and get all the regular household chores done at the same time.  

Sure, your house doesn’t have to be spic and span and looking like something out of a magazine spread. But there needs to be some organisation and basic chores that have to be kept up with. So how exactly can it be done? How can you give your newborn baby all the care and attention they deserve, while keeping the house at least somewhat tidy? Not to worry, as we’ve gone ahead and put some simple tips together that you can follow. 

Use a Baby Wrap or Carrier 

One thing that new mums are quick to realise is that there is a lot of time spent holding their baby. What that means is that you don’t have your hands free to do other things. This is when a baby wrap or carrier can be a real lifesaver. The way these items work is that they harness, strap, or wrap the baby to your body leaving your hands completely free to do other things.  

You’ll be able to tidy up, do dishes, vacuuming, and all kinds of chores all while wearing your baby. Many women find that their babies will even nap easier, be less fussy, and don’t cry as much if they are wearing them against their body. It’s a win-win for both you and your baby. 

Call in a Repair Service Rather than “Do Without” 

There are some items in your home you can do without. At least temporarily, then there are others that are staples in the home. The washing machine is one of those items that will be in constant use with a new baby, so this is no time to do without. If your washing machine hasn’t been working properly, or it’s not working at all, it’s time to call in a professional repair person such as and get it looked after quickly. You have enough on your plate as a new parent; there’s no need to make things tougher. 

Do Little Bits as You Go 

Rather than leave everything for the end of the day, and inevitably be faced with a giant mess, it can be helpful to tidy up and do little bits as you go. This can make your chores less intimidating and time-consuming since you don’t need a large chunk of time to get them done. 

Prioritise the Chores 

Another tip is to prioritise your chores. There are bound to be some that are more important than others. Such as having clean dishes and clean clothes versus rearranging the kitchen cupboards. If it helps, you can write your chores down and then move them around on the list putting the most important ones at the top. 

Ask for Help 

Finally, it’s important that you recognise it’s not all on you. Ask for others in the household to help and even take on a few extra chores themselves. When everyone pitches in, the chores will get done much faster and smoother. If your budget allows you may even want to hire help. Even if it’s just once a week, just to help you get through the mountain of chores. 

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