Family Bonding In Everyday And Not So Everyday Life

Family Bonding

The closeness you feel to your family is a very touchy subject. There’s no shame in admitting that the people who you love and care about, do tend to get on your nerves a bit every now and then. And by any estimate, you probably get a little annoying to them. This doesn’t mean you need to throw your toys out of the pram, because it’s natural. When you live together, you see each other when you wake up and when you go to bed; it’s bound to get exhausting. But the key with being a good father is to make sure you mend any wounds that are created when you have the occasional family fracas. That’s why bonding is such a good tool to make relationships stronger than ever. But all too often the sad truth is that bonding is seen as a thing you have to do every now and then when it should be in everyday and not so everyday life all the time.

The family’s garden

Speaking of everyday life, it’s about that time of the year where mowing the lawn, trimming the hedgerow, planting flowers, and watering the plants in and around the home is offseason. The garden isn’t just there to look nice; it’s there to be maintained in order for it to look nice. Getting the whole family involved to make sure this occurs and nothing is allowed to slip by and culminate into something bigger, is where you can find some good quality bonding time. It’s typical for the men and boys to do the heavy stuff so teaching your son how to mow the lawn and use the lawnmower is the first step. Trimming the edges of the lawn and putting any pebbles from the driveway back is a good lesson to be learned. Your wife and your daughter can plant new flowers after turning the soil or pouring new bags of soil onto your flowerbeds. You can create a system for how the waste is disposed of and see who can fill as many bags the quickest. You could if you wanted, have the children switch roles, and your daughter comes to help you while your son goes to help mom.

Desolate mansion

For the not so everyday bonding activities, focusing on putting all your minds together to achieve on singular task will bring you closer to each other. It doesn’t have to be a bore-fest either; you can make it fun. What the Escape Room has is a Mystery Mansion spine-chilling adventure. A mansion once owned by a wealthy family has long since been abandoned. No one really knew why the family suddenly left. They were eccentric and liked their privacy which is why no one really knows what happened to them. Your family is pitted against the clock, and you need to find out the reasons for why the mansion seems to be cursed. It’s up to your collective brain power to solve riddles, match the clues and find the hidden objects to reveal what lurks underneath this desolate mansion. If you fail, you become just another member of the missing.

Families that don’t make time to bond are really just strangers living in a house together. It’s not that bonding should be forced or part of a routine, but it should always be something you’re conscious about in the back of your mind.

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