How you can Help Your Baby Sleep Better 

Baby Sleep Better

There are plenty of reasons as to why parents are asked to devote a lot of their time into selecting the right crib for their child. There is also a reason they are required to spend almost a whole day to assemble the thing! All of it is to ensure that their baby enjoys a good night’s sleep in the crib. However, that still is not enough to ensure that the baby enjoys a good night’s rest. There are several other factors that need to be considered by the parents. It is a hard task indeed, so here are some quick tips that will help a baby sleep better. 

Never sleep on the couch with a newborn held in arms  

It is understandable that parents tend to fall asleep on their sofa with an infant curled up to their chest. It is indeed one of the best feelings a parent can have. However, in most cases, it is not a conscious choice, rather a physical reaction to the exhaustion from taking care of a child. Most new parents have nodded off for some time while their baby is sleeping in a sprawled-up position across their lap. Mothers sometimes tend to doze off while their child is all nestled up warm and relaxed on a breastfeeding cushion. However, according to several experts, including the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), this type of sleeping especially on a couch or an armchair is a big no-no for parents. It increases the probability of risks such as –  

  • The baby falling off the sofa while the parent is asleep 
  • The baby getting their arms/legs crumbled in a dangerous position 
  • The baby’s muscle and body structure could get compromised if such sleeping habits become a regular occurrence 

Invest in toddler products 

Ensuring that a child sleeps well depends on several factors apart from the crib he/she is sleeping in. Yes, having a good crib is important but the parents also need to invest in certain other toddler products to ensure that the build up to the child’s sleeping time is as perfect as the period of sleep. Some products are –  

  • Bed side rails – These rails are crucial to ensuring that the baby does not fall over. They should be of optimum length in order to ensure that they do not make the child feel suffocated. Consulting an expert on this matter is advisable to ensure that the child’s sleep is not neglected. You can visit websites like Mom Crib for more guidance on this matter.
  • Baby monitors – Designed for parents, baby monitors add a sense of security to the parents’ minds while their child is asleep.  

Apart from these, you should also keep some other important points in mind. Always put the baby into the crib on his or her back, and never on the tummy. Moreover, you should avoid keeping blankets and pillows in the crib as they can cause a risk of accidental suffocation. A child’s sleep is a crucial responsibility in parenting. So, make sure that your child sleeps well! 

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