5 Household Chores You Must Never Forget To Do

Household Chores

One of the biggest issues in life is splitting the chores in the house. It’s very easy to see when things need to get done, but there are so many chores out there that are, well, forgettable. It’s not because you make a point of forgetting them, it’s just that chores are boring and some just aren’t as obvious as others. You’ll always notice when the dishes need to get done and the trash needs taking outside, but how often do you remember to renew your road tax or update your passport?

There are plenty of chores that a household needs to keep on top of, from changing the beds to vacuuming the floors when they need it. The lesser known chores lie in the paperwork and it’s not until a letter asking for a renewal of payment is due that you remember these chores even exist. For example, most people auto-renew their car insurance instead of finding out whether they could get a better deal on Gocompare.com. It’s just easier to wait for the new car insurance cost for the year than to actually carve out the time for a better deal. If you’re forgetting a simple paperwork chore such as car insurance, what else could you be forgetting?


  • The Drier

    In the house, you’ve got a number of appliances run by the mains electricity and if you’re lucky, the drier is one of them. The trouble with the drier is that most people don’t do anything with it beyond drying their clothes. You need to remember that there is a vent in the front of the drier that collects lint as well as a vent leading to outside that collects muck. Cleaning these should be on your monthly chore list!

  • The Fridge

    The back of the refrigerator is rarely seen, especially if you have an integrated appliance. The coils at the back often get covered in a thick layer of dust, but it’s out of sight out of mind for the poor fridge. Get it pulled out and cleaned; you’ll help your fridge to work a little lighter!

  • The Vacuum 

    It’s something that you use to clean the house, but you really need to keep the actual vacuum cleaner clean, too. There is a filter inside that collects dust and is often forgotten about until it malfunctions. Don’t let it be forgettable.

  • The Oven 

    It’s an easily forgettable job, until one day you spill a little grease and the oven goes up in flames. Try and get into the habit of cleaning the oven every other week, especially if you’ve noticed a grease build up on the inside.

  • The Bedding 

    You are likely shaking your head now; you know you wash your bedsheets once a week. But, how often do you wash the comforter on top? Or the pillows? Yeah, we thought so. Get them stripped and washed every two weeks. This is a good idea for allergy sufferers, so don’t forget!

Your house has a ton of jobs through it to be shared out. What does your chore wheel look like?

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