Chores around the house! #housework #teaching

I remember from a young age my dad always keenly showing me
how to do various household chores, from the age of seven I was able to put my
clothes to wash, hang them out to dry and iron some items! He also showed me how to clean out the open fire and how to build a new one ready for the evening! (Reading
that back it makes me sound very old!)

I did sometimes look back on my laborious days with despair; however
my Dad had good sense to ensure we had these basic skills to look after
ourselves in the real world. I can now
see why he duly passed on these key skills.

The two monsters with such energy, darting around here,
there and everywhere, creating llanast (welsh for mess – I don’t know much
welsh but llanast is a regular feature). Getting them to tidy up after
themselves is still an epic battle, but they have now started to enjoy the
responsibility of using the hoover around the house, so it felt a natural step in
ensuring I am following suit like my father was to show eldest today how to
iron! (No I wasn’t going to leave him unattended with the iron while I sipped tea
and ate cake!)

Teaching eldest some home keeping skills! (Fully supervised of course!!) #housekeeping #ironing #lifeskills

A photo posted by Sean (@hubbyhelps) on Oct 28, 2015 at 2:16am PDT

He seemed to take to the task well with a sense of maturity,
even youngest stopped to sit and watch his older brother doing this new
household chore! (And nothing usually stops youngest in his steps)

Now the question is what age should we be integrating our
children into the realities of life without starving them of their childhood?
Do some parents naturally follow a set routine or should we pick up after our
children until they finally fly the nest and leave us rattling around in our

I want to ensure my boys are self-reliant when they leave
home and I feel that tackling some of the easier chores from an early age will
hopefully give less resistance when they are older. Lets face it there is no better way for
them to be earning pocket money! 

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