How To Furnish Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

Furnish Your Home

It is always an exciting moment when you move house. Depending on the circumstances, it is a chance to explore a new area or city, upgrade your living space, or start from a clean slate. Despite all the positives of a move, there are some drawbacks, one of which is the financial burden it may bring. Buying a new place, agent fees, taxes, moving company charges—these are just some of the costs of moving house.

The high costs mean you’ll have to be smart with your purchases for your new house, especially if you’ve just moved into your own place for the first time or you’ve moved in with your partner. So how do you make your new pad feel like home without spending too much? Here are a few tips on furnishing your house without breaking the bank. 

Rearrange and borrow 

One of the cheapest ways to decorate your home is to make use of what you already own. But the stuff I own isn’t stylish, you might say. However, before you go out to buy a few items, take a good look around your house. Try rearranging your furniture in new combinations that you’ve never thought about at your old place.  

Think of your home like a blank canvas where you can experiment with your interior design. “Borrow” items from other rooms and you could be surprised at the results. For example, maybe that bench in your bedroom actually works better in your living room? Or maybe that armchair completes the reading nook instead? 

Add some plants 

Adding some greenery is one of the more effective ways to add life and character to a room. Not only can they add a bit of colour to any space, they bring about many health benefits as well. They can help regulate humidity levels, make us feel calm and energized, or clear out toxins from the air, depending on the plant. 

Ask a friend or neighbour if they are willing to share some of their plants, taking some cuttings to grow your own. You can also go to the shops and buy plants ready to be potted. They are inexpensive and there are several plants that require little maintenance if you don’t have a green thumb.  

Books are your friends

Book Shelf

If you are a bookworm, this is a great way to decorate your place. If you’ve already amassed a collection of books, why not use them as decorations when you aren’t reading them? Books of all colors and sizes lined up on a shelf create some visual variety. If you prefer, you can color coordinate to match the rest of the room.  

Even without a shelf, you can just create a small stack of books to add some needed color too. And if you feel a coffee table is a bit empty, books act as a nice substitute to more expensive accessories. Plus, if you’re entertaining guests, or if you’re simply bored, crack open a book.  

Pare it down 

Who says a well-decorated home needs a lot of stuff? In fact, sometimes less is more. If you have too many items, you can easily cross the line from eclectic to cluttered. Instead, try to reduce the things on display—hide, donate, or sell unnecessary items.  

Old, worn, or damaged items could be hampering the overall look of a room. Get rid of the things that don’t match your interior design vision and achieve a simple, clean look. Moderation is always the safe option when it comes to decorating, so try to achieve that balance between space and items.  

DIY it up 

Another option is to get your tools, paints, and crafts ready for a bit of DIY. DIY projects are inexpensive and it is very rewarding to make something with your own two hands. The great thing about DIY is that there are projects for everyone, no matter their skill level. It also leaves plenty of room for you to get creative and do what you want. 

Maybe you can make a pillow from some linen? Or build a shelf for some added storage space? Perhaps you can repurpose some old furniture to make them look new? Countless ideas can be found online, so take a look and be inspired.  

With these tips, you’ll be able to create a fun, stylish, and inviting atmosphere in your home without having to spend loads. What with the costs of selling your old place, surveys, buying a home, and professional moving help, it’ll be a relief to be able to save money after you’ve settled into your new place.  

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