The Benefits of Getting New Home Tech

Home Tech

Getting new technology in your home can be expensive, but there’s a price to pay to change your life! In this case, there are many different aspects of your life that can be improved by looking into new technological advances both in terms of devices and materials we can use for home improvement projects.

Want to streamline your morning routine? Spend less time worrying about cleaning or gardening and more time with your family? Save money on your energy bills? Whatever kind of improvement you want in your home life, there’s a new technological advancement that can help you! Here are just some of the things you can find online and elsewhere that can drastically improve your life.  

Smart… Everything 

Smart devices are all over the place these days, and can be a godsend. You can get a smart lock so you don’t have to ever worry about forgetting your keys. You can get smart lights that come with an in-built light dimmer, and allows you to control your lights from anywhere in your home. This is fantastic for saving you money on your electricity bill, because goodness knows we all forget to turn off lights from time to time.  

Soon, we’re even going to have smart windows! We already have self-cleaning windows, which is an amazing step in the direction we are headed. Soon, we’re going to be able to use our windows as huge touchpads that we can plan our day on, look at the weather forecast at a glance and even watch TV on.  

Wifi-enabled devices 

These days, you can get everything wi-fi enabled, which is pretty amazing as you can essentially control every aspect of your home even when you’re away. You need to watch out for devices that log onto your wi-fi, though, as these devices are sometimes quite insecure and can be easily hacked if you’re not careful. Ask an expert if you’re unsure how they should be securely set up.  

But how amazing does it sound to have a coffee machine or kettle you can start straight from your bed! These kinds of devices offer you your perfect cuppa right as you roll out of bed, which is perfect for night-owls who have trouble doing anything coherent before they’ve had their caffeine fix.  

New garden tech

Garden Tech

We don’t all have green thumbs, and that’s okay. But that doesn’t mean that those of us who have the touch of death with plants don’t want to enjoy the benefits of being surrounded by natural greenery. Nowadays, you don’t have to, because you can get some new-fangled technologies to help you out.  

You can integrate a watering system into an app or a device (there are many different ones) that do automatic watering based on the weather. This means that they check the weather through their wi-fi connection and automatically adjust how much water your garden gets accordingly.  

There is also now a Roomba of grass cutting, an automatic mower which will go around your lawn making sure it’s the perfect length, detecting obstacles and going around them. It even goes back to it’s charging station once it detects it’s low on battery, all the grass is cut to the right level or it’s beginning to rain. So smart!  

Cutting-edge materials 

It’s not just about the tech. If you’re planning on doing a home improvement project this year, why not do it with some fantastic new materials that have been developed and popularised in recent years.  

The first one of these is solar-thermal aluminium cladding. This is perfect for cold climates. You get prefab panels that are installed onto a base of aluminium. The wooden slats deflect the summer heat while inviting in warmth in the winter – the best of both worlds! 

You can also get alu-clad windows, which are a fantastic alternative to uPVC or even straight up aluminium windows. They are super efficient as they have a double layer – wood on the inside and aluminium on the outside which protects the frame from the elements. And on the inside you get a super rustic feel, double whammy! 

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