Reasons Why Caravanning Is The Perfect Family Holiday

Caravanning may sound like absolute Hell to some people, whereas to others it is holiday Heaven. Contrary to popular belief, unless you really wanted to travel abroad, caravanning is the perfect family holiday, and here are the top four reasons why.

Packing Is Easier

One of the most stressful parts of going on holiday, especially with a large family, is the packing. Even if you go to the hottest country on the planet, you are always tempted to pack lots of different types of clothes, because you never know, right? If you’re going away with children, they always want to pack more books and toys than necessary. This is impossible if you intend to fly anywhere. When you go caravanning, you can usually take as much stuff as you want, and you don’t even have to try to squeeze it into suitcases.


You Can Take Your Dog

If you plan on flying anywhere or staying in a hotel, then it’s unlikely that you plan to take your dog. Often pets are seen as a part of the family, so it can be emotionally difficult to leave them behind for long periods of time. Luckily, when you go caravanning, you can take your family dog with you, and enjoy walking them through the countryside and on the beach. You’ll even find people who take their cats and hamsters caravanning, so you’ll have no need for a pet sitter when you go away.


You Can Save Money

You’ll find that your average caravan site charges a lot less per night than even the cheapest of hotels or b&bs. While there are some extra costs, like the caravan itself, and buying the best rear view camera possible, there are a lot of areas in which you can save money too. For example, when you go caravanning, you can buy food from a supermarket and cook your own meals, which is a lot cheaper than eating out every night. This means that you’ll have more money for days out and activities while you’re away.


No Airports

While some people might like airports and flying, plenty of others hate the experience. Airports are even less convenient if you have small children, as you have to struggle to entertain them for hours before your flight, and then a few hours more while you’re actually in the air. When you go caravanning, you can completely eliminate this stress. Not only will you be travelling in your car, which is an environment that your children are familiar and comfortable with, but you can also stop to stretch your legs, use the bathroom, or go and get something to eat whenever you feel like it.

Caravanning can be fun even if you’re not a big fan of nature. After all, there are plenty of luxury caravans that you can stay in; Not all caravans look like some sort of tin can. If you’re still not sure if caravanning is for you, then maybe consider going for a weekend, and renting a caravan, before buying your own.

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