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We recently got back from Spain and I have to say it was a very enjoyable experience, it was the first time I have ever been and we got to take in a few of the sights while keeping the boys happily entertained. We always do lots of research prior to booking to ensure the holiday itself goes as smoothly as possible, with plenty of things to see and do, in this instance we booked a hotel that had free daily entrance to a theme park on its doorstep!

Our next trip will be a Luxury Holiday as we will be celebrating a certain persons big birthday! Yes the wife is going to turn 40!!! I am three years younger so have ages to go as I love to remind her.

I always find that on the lead up to the holiday it can be somewhat stressful and more like a military operation in the making! (Well the Mrs certainly barks commands at me like it’s one!) Destination2 have a great countdown to your holiday guide, which is very useful and could certainly help you plan effectively, in all honesty I barely have to do anything in the lead up, but I know the next holiday I will have to do all the planning and execution, its only fair for her birthday celebrations for me to do my bit.

So what have I picked up and put on my checklist?


When booking a holiday always check you have enough time left on your passport, it can be quite a wait to get a new one issued.

Travel Insurance

It is really important to have this in place way before you travel, I usually end up printing all the terms and conditions as well as the insurance document itself just in case.

Car Parking

We always book about a month ahead with our parking and go for the valet option, this year we arrived 3 hours earlier than anticipated and I was expecting to be told to hold onto the car, but to my surprise they took it without any problems, so do ask them and see if they feel flexible!


I usually get this last minute, dependent on the current exchange rates, even if your going on an all inclusive break, having a couple of hundred pounds of currency can be extremely useful if you want to head out for a walk (kids need constant snacks and refreshments!) or plan a trip or two away. 

Boarding Passes

Always do your online check in if available, and ensure you printout your boarding passes or you could be left red faced when trying to board your flight!

New Clothes

We always head into a city to pickup a load of new clothes, after all you want to look your best when abroad, plus it means you can pack them straight away so you don’t have to worry you have no clothes ready for your holiday!

Sun Protection

Stock up on good UV block sun lotion, there is nothing worse than running out halfway through your holiday and dashing around the shops trying to find a comparable brand, also remember hats and sunglasses!


Its important to remember your beach towels there is nothing worse than having to buy over priced towels abroad, many hotels will not let you use their towels around the pool. (Well what they don;’t know won’t hurt them right?). The towels we have bought abroad have always looked nice but are never very absorbent.

Chargers and Adapters

Imagine forgetting your charger or adapters, definitely the first thing to pack when going abroad especially so you can keep snapping away! Pictures are the perfect way to document your travels.

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