5 Tips when Hiring a Car

We have booked a holiday next year and bringing the in-laws with us. But on his occasion our car is too small, it can fit five but we would be travelling as a party of six with lots of bags too. So, I have decided to look around with a view to hiring a car.

The wife gets carried away with the attractions she wants us all to see, she has already produced an impressive list detailing crowd queue times, but I think of the practicalities! Like transportation and getting ALL my mother in-laws luggage to the airport, she doesn’t travel light I can tell you! So, whilst I leave my wife daydreaming about the holiday I have done my research.

I have been looking around the internet to see what my options are to arrive safely and in comfort at the airport, but like anything I like to know I am getting the best deal for my money here are five tips to help you find the right car hire company.

Check that is included

When shopping around and getting quotes make sure you are comparing like for like, some companies might give you a good quote but have more exclusions in place. You need to be quite thorough when narrowing down the car hire company you want to use. Not all offer unlimited mileage for example.

See if they will Price Match

PSD Car and Van Hire are happy to price match so that’s worth considering if you like the vehicles they have on offer but had debated going elsewhere. Always have that chat about price matching with hire companies as you might be pleasantly surprised.

Make sure you have your diving license

This includes both the photo license and the paper copy, if you don’t know where your paper copy is PSD are willing to ring the DVLA (the charge is £5+vat) but not all hire companies might be as accommodating so best to dig out the paperwork just in case.

Book in plenty of time

If you have a certain vehicle in mind its important to plan ahead so you know it will be available. We need something to accommodate all the family and don’t want to miss out on a bigger car being available.

Before taking the car

Don’t sign anything without carefully reading through all the small print. Otherwise you might get a nasty shock if anything happened with the car. See how comprehensive the included insurance is and consider paying more if needed. Before driving off check the condition of the car and flag any existing damage to the company, as you want it noted before you drive off.

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