Top Tips: Staying Sun Safe #sun

After recently being abroad and with our lovely UK weather giving us plenty of sunshine, there appears to be quite a stark difference in the way people adhere to basic sun protection.

As parents we really try to keep to a strict routine, but boy the boys fight us every step of the way, it can be quite a challenge especially when out and about, with everyone looking at the commotion! But as we feel so passionately about protecting them from the sun it is so important for us to not let them burn.

There are plenty of sun safety guides around but here is my take on how to stay safe over the summer holiday!


We have recently moved from factor 50 to 30, as it tends to go on easier which means the boys do not fight half as much. Remember to reapply regularly and after contact with water, we aim to reapply every 2 – 3 hours dependent on exposure.


We always pack a hat for the boys when adventuring out on a sunny day, not only does it give some protection to the sun but offers them an additional trendy item to wear! It also helps toward sun stroke protection!


It is important to remember its not only your skin that suffers the effect of the sun, your eyes can also undergo serious damage, as such its important to remember to pack some sunglasses, ensure you chose some with a UV value!

Time out

Its’s not all about protection when you are out on a sunny day, but ensuring you are taking a time out of the sun, for us when visiting a local theme park while on holiday this meant timing things like lunch breaks, shaded rides and shows (which are often shaded) when the sun is at its peak!


This is definitely one that I personally slack on, but for the boys we tend to ensure we have a bottle of water at hand for them, keeping their fluid levels up helps ensure they don’t suffer from heat exhaustion.

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