Time To Upgrade Your Family Car? Here’s What To Look For


Upgrading a family car is arguably more of a difficult decision than just purchasing a small hatchback for your daily errands. It’s important that you choose a car based on safety, practicality, and size when it comes to your family use. If you hope to go on holiday, maybe you’ll need to select the car based on upgradability and size. It’s not important what you use it for, what matters is how you choose it.

But what do you need to look for in a family car, and why?


Top of our list is the safety considerations you must make when purchasing a new vehicle. It should be the top of the list of any car buying guide that you read on the internet, but for family vehicles, it goes tenfold. It’s just not worth purchasing a car known for breaking down or a car that has been awarded anything but an excellent -to-perfect safety ranking from your continental vehicle governance authority. It’s also important to make sure that the car can be easily repaired and serviced through a professional mechanics like Bridgestone. Check their website for more information, www.bridgestonecanberra.com.au to rest easy in the knowledge that you’re buying a convenient vehicle to keep on top of.


Despite how it looks on the outside, you want to purchase a car that is wide and tall, preferably boxy. Stylistically this might not suit your needs, but who said a people carrier family vehicle would look amazing, to begin with? Practicality is a much more important consideration when it comes to transporting your family, and as much inner space as you can secure will be used as your family grows and maybe expands. If you’re headed on holiday and are driving to the destination, you will be surely appreciative of the luggage storage ability of a car with a large interior.


Remember, the number of seats you have will determine how much of your family you can fit within the car. It’s always a good idea to purchase a car that has two spare seats more than the size of your family if possible. Of course, if you have a family of 9 people, you’ll need two vehicles, but even then, it’s worth securing at least two extra seats per vehicle when your family is divided between them. This will allow you to transport your child and their friends as well as any extended family who come to visit. Remember, it’s always better to have too many seats than too little.

Many modern people carriers or SUV’s allow you to embed the seats to the rear of the vehicle in the floor of the interior, and this can open up a large amount of room in the back to transport your groceries, pets or bikes for your family to use at the local park.

Securing a great family car is not just a matter of taste, it’s a matter of practicality and lifespan. 

Always research the specification of your car and see how it compares to people carriers or SUV’s in the same area. 

This will allow you to rest easy knowing that your purchasing power was well implemented in a way that gives you a beautiful and secure family car to treat you well for all the memories that you’ll make in future.

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