Why You Want A Vertical Garden

It’s a style that’s coming more and more in fashion. Fewer people are keeping themselves to the traditional style of gardening, its limitations, and demands. But why are so many going from wall-to-wall, basket-to-basket, and windowsill-to-windowsill? Vertical gardening is a simple enough concept, but it can allow for a much more versatile use of space that many otherwise wouldn’t think much of at all. It can offer the garden some depth and the home some much needed green. But what are the main reasons that so many are starting to consider it?


It’s so much easier

A lot of people want a beautiful garden but they don’t want all of the work involved in it. That’s understandable. Traditional gardening is a hobby that requires a lot of man-hours. Installing your vertical garden is going to be the hardest part of making the switch. But installing it at the right height can mean a lot less bending over and toiling on your knees, which can be particularly good for anyone with mobility issues like a bad back, arthritis, or a physical disability. Windowsills are an easy choice for planters, but you can use cans, guttering or even plastic bottles to plant on fences and walls at any level. Furthermore, with a vertical garden, you have no need to landscape and a much lower risk of having to deal with weeds.

There’s a huge potential

Without all that fertile ground beneath them, there are some who might think that vertical gardening is severely limiting in your choice of plants. However, that’s not strictly true at all. If you just want to add some green to your wall, you can use simpler options like Mondo grass or common ivy. As far as flowers go, lavender, lily of the valley and hydrangeas are just examples of those that can flourish with that little space. You can even whip yourself up some tasty treats with tomatoes, peas, cucumbers or even blackberries for a wall if you want to make some jam. If you like to have some variety in your greenery, there’s very little handicap offered by going vertical. Mix and match that with the variety of planting material you have and you can craft your own look.

Build a little ambience

That visual potential is probably one of the best things about vertical gardening. A traditional garden has a lot of variety, too, but it’s distinctly separate from the home. By using your walls, hanging pots, fences, windowsills and more all that greenery can contribute greatly to the overall aesthetic of your home’s exterior. Alongside some garden wall lighting, you can set a real mood to the exterior. Vertical gardens can also work wonders in covering more unsightly parts of the home such as any vents, air conditioning, or utilities.

Your vertical garden could allow you to work around the constraints of a smaller garden, making better use of what space you have and even taking out much of the work of traditional gardening. But it can also offer a variety of planting options and an aesthetic kerb appeal that few can ignore.

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