DIY Finishing Touches to a Newly Plastered Room

DIY tool belt

We have been really lucky that while away in Spain. The builders have been back in the house to transform one of our bedrooms from a ceiling-less mess to a finely assembled room. The only down side? Is the fact I have to pick up tools again to do the finishing DIY jobs.

Not one to miss the opportunity to get some new kit for the project. After all I have to completely paint the room and then lay wood flooring! (some perk is needed surely) So what do I have on the list of must haves?


There is nothing quite like feeling comfortable especially when you are having to do some strenuous DIY jobs. So top of the list is new trousers and top. A fresh look and fresh outlook to complete the job at hand! Luckily I came across Engelbert Strauss for some great practical work trousers.

Painting Equipment

A pet hate of mine is having to clean brushes and rollers after a job, it is so tedious. In order to remedy this is I buy new at the start of each job, utilising cling-film to keep rollers and brushes fresh if the paint job rolls over days really helps to keep the costs in order. Quick delivery from the guys at Wickes makes getting on with the job that little easier.

Flooring Gear

Since starting the refurbishment of the house, I quickly invested in a chop saw, something I have used for many project now, especially for wood flooring, luckily this is a one off cost so investing in extra flooring gear is low cost and can be as simple as replacing blades. But where is the fun in that? I think I could at least finally invest in a spirit level and another pair of knee pads!

After the quick splurge on equipment the only thing left is to get on to the job, once finished I just need to get an electrician to fit lighting, although I used to always do this myself. However the last time I fitted a light I ended up falling off the ladder with the light hitting me on my head, I must laugh really as I used to always make fun of my step-dad for his DIY mishaps and now it seems I am just as accident prone!

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