Create an ultimate kids #garden

I have briefly outlined our plans for the garden, now we are looking to spend more time outdoors, although recently we seem to have fallen back into more dreary weather! However in my previous post I neglected to mention a very important view point and that is that of the boys who want to input to create the ultimate outdoor space for kids!

Sure we mentioned the pool we recently invested in, but they want more, so much more, Playground equipment more! To be fair the Mrs was the one who first came up with the idea of creating a unique and playful area in the garden for the boys to spend many a happy day in. But what kind of spaces could we create?

Artificial Grass

For me I must say I am not one for keeping on top of garden chores, very often my father in-law will descend on the garden while we are away and mow it within an inch of its life, so I would be very keen to see any space for the boys to be well maintained. In order to achieve this artificial grass has to be top of the list!

Wooden Climbing Frames

Surely a staple of any adventure, the humble climbing frame could be transformed into a ship, rocket or alien planet with a simple bit of imagination and off the boys could merrily play! I would have absolutely loved a climbing frame in the garden when I was young.

Outdoor play

One thing we have been toying with recently is getting an indoor pool table, sure we have the room but why not invest instead in an outdoor football or table tennis table? After all there is far more room out there, simply add a shelter over it and an outdoor heat source and the boys can continue to play well into the colder months! (think of the peace!)

There sure is a lot you can do to your garden to encourage a little extra fresh air time, I think it’s time to have a sit down with the boys and have a brain storming session!

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