Don’t Just Drive Sensibly, Buy Sensibly

Owning a car is a lot of responsibility. It’s not just about how responsibly you can drive and look after a vehicle, either. A lot of it comes down to how prepared you are to manage the finances of a car responsibly as well. Here, we’re going to look at how you can save yourself a ton of money by just being a bit smarter when you buy anything related to the motor.

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Pick a car by better criteria

The first step is to judge the car you’re buying a little more sensibly. Especially if it’s your first car. You might be tempted to put your budget towards flash or speed. However, you could end up spending a lot less if you buy something sensible like a Mitsubishi or Toyota instead. Not only do they repairs less, but you tend to get cheaper insurance deals because of things like lower probabilities of needing repairs or better safety functions.

Be willing to drive a little further for fuel

If you choose your petrol station based on proximity and convenience alone, then you might be doing it wrong. Of course, you don’t want to have to drive so far that any savings you could have made are negated, but be willing to look a little further afield. Sites like Petrol Prices can easily help you find the best deal near you, wherever you happen to be. You might be able to save hundreds year on your fuel costs. That’s enough to fund a couple nights in a hotel for a city break.

Source your parts better

Cars do break down and you have to be prepared for it. Having cash put aside for car repairs is always a good idea but it’s also a good idea to use services like Wiltshire Tyres that provide comparisons on where you can source things like replacement tyres. When you need a part that’s a little more vital replaced, you don’t want generic goods. If your mechanic isn’t able to get their hands on something from the manufacturer, then it’s a better idea to source them yourself. Going too cheap on certain parts only makes it likely you’re going to need them replaced soon again.

Pick deals that make sense

What about the contracts you sign as a car owner? For one, when buying your car, make sure you’re fully scrutinizing how likely you are to use any of the extras the dealer is throwing your way or whether you might be able to get them for cheaper from another provider. Never be afraid to say no to a dealer, no matter how much pressure they put on you. As for insurance, take a closer look at the different levels of cover they offer and figure out how much you really need. Don’t just accept the same deal blindly when your existing one expires. You might be able to get a better deal switching to someone else as a new customer or to find coverage that matches your changing needs.

You could potentially save yourself thousands a year if you’re willing to use the services that give you a better understanding of the market and if you spend a little more time looking. In general, never take the first deal you come across.

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