The Key To Being A Brilliant Golfer

Golf is a fun game to play alone, or with the family. Mastering the basics of golf is actually fairly simple, but making the jump from a mediocre to a brilliant golfer can take years. You’ve played a few rounds, and you probably think you’ve got it down. But you’re wrong. Most new golfers make the mistake of thinking they are much better than they actually are. This delusion will stop you from progressing, and your game will never improve. While you can get a fairly powerful drive without landing in the lake, and it only takes you a few strokes to sink the ball, you’re probably making a lot of mistakes. You can easily correct a lot of these errors, and if you do, you’ll see a massive improvement in your game. Here are some of the most common mistakes that new golfers make.


Overusing The Driver

The driver is for teeing-off, then you use your irons, then your putter. That’s the rule. But it isn’t always so simple. The majority of the time you will use your driver to tee-off, but on a shorter course, it is sometimes better to use an iron to avoid overshooting. Similarly, if the fairway is very narrow, with hazards on either side, precision is more important than power. It’s all good and well playing a long shot, but if it lands in a lake, it’s irrelevant. If you can’t reach the green in one shot either way, opt for an iron and make sure that your shot is at least accurate, setting you up to reach the green on your next one. 

Blaming The Conditions 

There’s always an excuse after every failed shot. It would have been perfect if it wasn’t for the wind, you cry. Unfortunately that’s part of the game, and your competitors have no sympathy. If the wind, or the slopes on the green are ruining your shot, then it’s your fault. Taking conditions into account is one of the things that separates a half decent golfer from a brilliant one. Take notice of wind direction, and make sure that you properly read the green before you play your shot. 

Playing An Impossible Shot

Just because you accidentally made an incredible shot that morning, it doesn’t mean that you are a pro-golfer. Be realistic about your skills. If you land yourself in a deep bunker, just admit defeat and play a penalty drop. Too many new golfers are completely unrealistic about the shots that they can make, and end up spending ages trying to make the shot that they insist they can. They can’t. You’ll end up wasting time, and massively increasing your score. If you are insistent on trying to make it out, visit for advice on choosing the best sand wedge.

Too Much Power

The harder I whack it, the further it will go. That’s sound logic, right? Wrong. Most golfers know that the key to a good hit is proper stance and technique, over sheer power. So why is it that new golfers step up to the plate and completely forget all of that? Instead they end up tensing up, completely losing their form, and just swinging wildly at the ball. Half the time they don’t even see where it went because it sliced so violently off to the side.

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