They Grow Up Fast, So Here’s How to Share More Time with Your Kids

As a parent, you’ll already be starting to realise how fast your kids seem to grow up. And you will also want to share time with them and create memories while they’re still young. Before you know it, their childhoods will be gone, never to return. So, here’s how to share more time with your kids and strengthen your bond with them.

Integrate Bonding Time Into Your Existing Routine

Many parents have busy routines that they can’t really break. This can make finding time to spend with the family really difficult. No one wants to find themselves in a situation where they are working all the time and never spending time with the kids. But that’s exactly what many parents do. To get around this dilemma, you should find ways to integrate bonding sessions with your kids into your existing routine. You could take them to work once in awhile. If that’s not possible, you should get them to offer you a helping hand with errands or household tasks, like cooking. If done right, this can be a lot of fun for your kids.

Make a Family Activity a Regular Thing

There should be a family activity that takes place in your household at least once a week. When you get into the habit of doing things as a family, you will stick to it. On the other hand, if you get into the routine of never doing fun activities as a family, you will get stuck in that routine as well. So, it’s time to break with the latter habit and make family activities the norm in your household. Once a week, everyone should get together and have fun. You can then take it in turns to choose the activity so that no one gets bored or feels left out.

Share Common Interests More

If you and your children have some common interests, whether it’s a sport or a TV show, you should focus on this as a way to get closer to your kids. You can discuss the latest game or share football articles with them. It doesn’t matter what it is, but use it as a way to build bridges and communicate with your children a little better. This is one of the very best ways to share more time with your kids. You can even find ways to spend entire days together that are built around your common interests.

Take an Interest in Their Interests, Even if They Don’t Appeal to You

Your kids will certainly have some interests that don’t appeal to you at all. That’s always the case. But you should still try to take an interest in the things that get them motivated and excited, even if they hold no real appeal for you. They will appreciate the effort that you’re making, and you might even learn more about your kids. Understanding the things your kids like is a great way to strengthen bonds and learn things about your kids that you simply never knew before. So, don’t shy away from doing this.


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