How Drones Are Going To Change Family Life Forever

Drone are constantly in the news, thanks to the fact that they always seem to be falling foul of aviation rules. But they are also going to have more impact on the average family than you might think. They’re not just a high-tech birthday present for the kids: they’re a new way of doing business and making our lives more convenient. Here’s how. 

Drones Are Going To Be Delivering Your Friday Night Pizza

When you get home from work on a Friday, the last thing you want to do is cook. So the first thing you and your family do is go to that pizza menu you had stuffed through your letterbox a couple of days earlier and start salivating over the prospect of a 16-inch pepperoni, stuffed crust. Then, when you ring up, the boy on the other end of the line gives you the bad news: your pizza will be with you in 45 minutes. 


That’s such a long time to wait, especially when your blood sugar is crashing. Fortunately, drones offer a solution and will soon make ordering pizza a far more pleasant experience. A company called Matternet is designing a system that will allow companies like Domino’s to use drones to deliver pizzas across town. The system is designed to automatically charge drones and it is hoped that the pizza delivery drones will have a long enough range to deliver in most medium-sized cities. Instead of taking 45 minutes, the company expects to get delivery times down to a mere 15. 

Drone Will Help You Get A Job

Many dads have been screwed recently in the job market, thanks to the fact that a lot of the skills that they used to rely on to make money just aren’t in demand anymore. 

A study published back in 2013, however, found that rotor copters could create up to 100,000 new jobs by themselves before the year 2025. Some universities are already offering courses to mature students get into the drone industry and understand drone operations. 

Drone Will Help You Find Parking Spaces

Retail parks have a habit of getting really busy, just as you, the rest of your family and your dog decide to show up. In the worst cases, you end up circling around the car park for hours, keeping your eyes peeled for people who might be leaving in the near future. But the days of searching for a parking space from the limited field of view offered by your car may be about to come to an end. 

At the Delhi Auto Show, Renault unveiled its Kwid Concept car. One of the features of the car was an onboard drone designed to be a scout for finding parking spaces in crowded parking lots. The idea was to allow the driver to launch the drone into the air to spot parking spaces before anybody else does.

For dads who value their sanity, this is certainly an invention that will come in handy in the future. Parking can be a nightmare with screaming kids in the back seat.

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