Fire Up the Flow of Your Home with Custom-fit Features

Do you look around your home and wish that everything fit a little better? A lot of people find that their homes leave a lot to be desired when it comes to the flow and smoothness of everything. Maybe there are gaps between your oven and the kitchen counters, or perhaps your curtains are just an inch too short. Some of these things can seem minor in the grand scheme of things, but they can all add up. If you’re a bit of a perfectionist, you’re probably itching to fix these problems. Creating a custom-fit home, where everything is made to measure, is the answer to all your issues. Have a look at some of the things you should tackle.


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Get Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes in the bedroom are a dream for many people. You can use up all your available space and choose a custom design that’s perfect for storing all your clothes and accessories. A standalone wardrobe doesn’t do the job if you’re looking for the maximum amount of space. While it’s useful for putting away your clothes, its function is limited. If you choose fitted wardrobes, you can have them along a whole wall, or even two of them if you want. What’s more, you can choose the inside of the wardrobe so that it works for what you want to put in it. If you have a lot of shoes, you can make sure there are extra shelves, for example.

Replace Your Kitchen

A fitted kitchen can be not only more convenient but more hygienic too. Some people find that when they move into a new home, the old kitchen is particularly poorly fitted. The oven and counters might be freestanding and not designed to fit into each other. If there are gaps anywhere, they make perfect traps for food and anything else you might drop down them. A new fitted kitchen is a sight to behold and can bring you a lot of happiness. Everything can be designed to fit the space you have exactly. You can choose to configure your kitchen in a way that works for you too. If you love wine, install a wine rack. If you like to bake, create somewhere to store your baking equipment.

Redesign Your Bathroom

A cluttered bathroom isn’t something you want to look at, especially if you don’t have much space. If you want to create a sleeker look in your bathroom, fitted storage can get everything sorted. Bathrooms always have lots of items floating around, from medicines to toiletries. If you want to keep them all in order, some new cabinets can help you organize it all. Fitted storage in your bathroom can create clean lines and use the available space in the best way. You can also custom-fit toilets, basins, showers, and baths so that everything flows smoothly. Cupboards can wrap around the toilet tank and underneath the sink.


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Buy Curtains and Blinds Made to Measure

Some of the items you can have custom-fit aren’t as large or as expensive as fitted kitchens and bathrooms. But they can still make a huge difference to your home. Curtains and blinds that don’t fit your windows perfectly can be one of those annoying things that keep bugging you. They might only be an inch or two too short or long, but if you’re a perfectionist, that’s not good enough. A pair of made to measure curtains or blinds can ease your mind and make sure you’re happy with everything in your home. You can have them made to the exact measurements you want them, no matter what style you’re going for.

Get Your Storage Fitted

Outside of the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, there are plenty of other opportunities to benefit from fitted storage. If you choose fitted storage, you can use any space you have available, from under the stairs to tiny alcoves. It can be useful in your home’s entranceways, so you have somewhere to store shoes, hang coats, and put away outdoor accessories. The space under your stairs might not be doing much now, but you can fit custom cupboards or drawers to make it more useful.


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Line Your Walls with Books

Another type of storage you can make the most of if you get it fitted is bookcases. If you’re a bibliophile, finding somewhere to put all your books can be a challenge. But if you can maximize the space you use, you can fit in more books. Bookcases are ideal for fitting into spaces you can’t use for much else, like small alcoves. You can also fit them along entire walls, under the stairs, either side of your TV, or anywhere you have space. Find a suitable area to put your shelves and turn them into a feature.

Have Custom Furniture Made

If you want to customize your home, it doesn’t have to be all about fitted storage. Custom furniture can also make sure that your decor is always the perfect fit. You can get bespoke items made so that they’re always the right size, style, and color. Trying to find readymade furniture that’s perfectly suited to your home isn’t easy. You can end up trying to squeeze something into too small a space or using items that just aren’t suited to your home. Custom furniture will make sure you get the perfect fit every time.

Get Custom Art Made

Buying custom art is another way to fit things to your home perfectly. Instead of looking for art that will go well with a room you have already decorated, why not have something made to fit? Custom art can come in many different styles and designs, and you can request whatever you want. It could be a painting, a wooden sign, sculpture, or anything else. Choose what you want and select the subject and even the colors that are used too.

Your home should be designed to meet your exact specifications. Don’t settle for anything less than exactly what you want.

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