5 Subscription Services That You Never Knew You Wanted

It seems like almost anything we do can have a subscription tied to it. For example, the classic Microsoft Word application that we all used in the past now has a subscription service tied to it and the name has changed to Office 365. In a way, all of our bills and utilities are like subscription services. Thankfully, subscriptions are very easy to manage and unlike a lot of things in life, they’re predictable expenses as long as you don’t go over your allowance (if there is one).

Many subscription services used to be far too expensive to warrant using, but nowadays a lot of subscription services have dropped in price and you can get a month’s worth of films for roughly the same price of a single cinema ticket or even less. Subscription services now are full of value and they’re packed with great content and ideas. Here are a couple of the world’s most interesting and most useful subscription services you can get your hands on.

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Streaming Video Content

Between Netflix and Amazon Prime, you have an almost unlimited amount of video content available to watch for an extremely low price per month. Not only are these subscription services great for watching video content and catching up with the latest shows, they make excellent gifts as well. If you have children who are interested in Japanese culture, you can also get a Crunchyroll subscription for anime shows that are professional subtitled.


If you run your own business or you have trouble managing your finances, then an online accounting and bookkeeping service will help you out. Although many of these services are tailored towards business owners, there are many features that help you pay your taxes, calculate savings and expenses, and even predict your future earnings. They’re versatile tools that everyone can make use of!


Did you know that you can cut out the hassle in buying socks by getting a sock subscription? We put socks on our feet every day and they can suffer from wear and tear faster than any other piece of clothing we have, so why not get fresh, quality socks delivered to your door on a monthly or weekly basis? It will save you time and money, and you’re guaranteed to get quality over quantity with the right service.

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Companies like Dollar Shave Club are a blessing. Not only do they send you fantastic razors on a weekly or monthly basis, they also deliver things such as regular toiletries that you probably use on a daily basis. Again, this will cut the hassle out of forgetting to buy razors or running out of fresh toiletries on a crucial day, and you’ll save a lot of money in the process because these subscription services are far cheaper than buying the items individually.

Amazon Prime

In addition to having access to Amazon’s growing library of free streaming content, Amazon Prime will also you also get access to Amazon’s free next-day delivery service and their Prime Now 2-hour delivery service if you live in a suitable area. If you buy your items online on a regular basis, then you’ll have no doubt used Amazon in the past. Free delivery for a year plus access to their lightning-fast Prime Now service for the cost of a coffee and a doughnut every month? Bargain!

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