How to Get the Most Out of Your Home Renovation

Whether it’s a new purchase or you’ve decided it’s time to revamp your older home, if done right taking on a home renovation project can offer benefits that save you now and will also increase your sale price when it’s time to sell. There are certain features that you can upgrade that will help make your home comfortable and convenient. The most important thing to take into consideration before investing is how long you plan to live there. If this is a starter home and you’re planning to raise a family, you may want to do cosmetic work only in order to sell. If, however, you plan to stay in your home for many years, then a remodel from the inside out is worth the money.

Make your house a home

For instance, take your heating and cooling system, if you have an older model it may not be large enough to create a comfortable indoor environment without having to run constantly. Today newer systems offered by cooling and heating service companies are energy-efficient and quiet, saving you money each month on your utilities. This type of replacement is very attractive to a potential home buyer since the cost involved is in the thousands and many who purchase their first home have just enough saved to buy their home.

If you’re remodeling your kitchen and it’s a major project where you’re changing the entire layout, now is a good time to put in more electrical outlets. Most older homes have only a few located in each room. Today with families using microwaves, dishwashers, coffee machines and other appliances the need is great. In addition to increasing the number of outlets, when replacing major appliances, make certain that they carry the Energy-Star rating. As a result, you’ll reduce your electric bills substantially over the course of the year.

Another area that many people forget when they renovate is the importance of putting in the proper insulation. By insulating your home you’ll not only improve the quality and comfort of your life but, you’ll also see a dramatic difference in your heating and cooling costs. In addition to replacing or adding insulation, upgrading your windows to double-pane and replacing the doors will take the draft out of your home.

Where can I save money?

Home renovation projects can become quite expensive and many people actually go over their suggested budget for their project by thousands. There are ways to stay on track with your home remodel and come in close to or under your budget. First, you need to shop around for a contractor. There’s a lot at stake here; after all, it’s your home. Check references, check with former clients, make certain they have insurance and that you like them. If you take some time and hire the right person, the project will come out as you expect. Also get a written estimate of the work. Remember that as you go along you may decide to change things or upgrade things such as the tiles, appliances or outlets, the cost naturally goes up.

If you are handy, you can save by doing some of the work yourself. You can hire a contractor simply for the electrical, plumbing and heating and then finish the walls, flooring and counters yourself. This can help to reduce the amount of the renovation by thousands of dollars. Plus it gives you control over the completion time as well.

The key to any large scale remodel is to have a diagram and plan for what you want ahead of time. Know your costs and figure out a budget that works for you. This will make the project go smoothly and in the end, you’ll enjoy the finished design.

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