Excellent Excuses To Convince The Kids To Have A Clearout

Lots of parents have found themselves at a loss to know how to convince their kids to tidy their rooms. Children have far more important things to do than chores after all. They’ll convince you it’s organised chaos. They know where everything is. And they’ll always get round to it ‘in a minute.’ Sometimes it can be nice to have a really great reason why they should tidy. Nobody wants to be a nagging parent after all. So try one of these excellent excuses to convince your kids to have a clearout:

Renovation and Refurbishment

When the house needs some work, it’s essential the kids get their things out of the way. And if the place is going to end up full of dust, chances are your children will want their prized possessions locked away somewhere safe. This is especially true if you all need to move out for a little while to get the works done. Of course, you’re not going to start any major refurbishments just to convince the kids to put away their ‘floordrobe.’ But any hint of one starting in the next few months might encourage a head start.

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Pest Alert!

It may be true, or it may just be a worry… Any thoughts about creepy crawlies feasting on old food packets and dirty crockery should be enough to convince your kids to start cleaning up after themselves. But the truth of the situation is that rotting food actually could attract vermin and infestations you really don’t want in any part of your house. Some kids simply don’t care (or believe) about such things, so you might have to tackle the deep clean yourself.

New Bedroom

As the kids get older, tastes and needs change. You might be ready to transform your child’s room into something more grown up. This usually involves packing everything up, moving it out, and starting fresh. It may not be tidy when you start this project. But chances are, your kids will take pretty good care of it once they’ve moved back in. New cupboards, a desk with drawers, and a grown-up bed could be just the inspiration they need to be more responsible for their belongings.

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Moving House

Sometimes, we can all feel like moving house when the place gets messy. Of course, there are times when we actually need to move house because it’s too messy! Running out of room is a common problem for growing families. If you’re thinking of moving, you need to get your house show-home ready for potential buyers. Fill up your storage units carefully, and you’ll save yourself the hassle of packing it all up later on. Yes, it will take time. But it could be a handy way to get rid of your excess bits and bobs too.

Kids will be kids. They’re all different. Some are tidy, but most like to play instead. If your little ones are struggling to remember to put their toys away, you could try labelling containers and shelves. Or you could try one of the more drastic excuses above to clear the bedroom floor!

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