Why self-employment could be the right step for you

Have you toyed with the idea of becoming self-employed but not yet taken this step in your career? While it’s true that not everyone is suited to being their own boss, for lots of people this style of work has a range of benefits. Here are just a few of the reasons why self-employment might be a shrewd move for you.

It puts you in control of your career progression

Waiting for promotion opportunities within an organisation can be frustrating and lots of people feel held back by their employers when it comes to expanding their skills and taking on new responsibilities. In contrast, those who are self-employed have much greater freedom in determining their rate of progress. If you take this path and you’re willing to put in the hard work, you can pursue your career goals at a pace that suits you. In a blog focusing on this topic, field marketing experts Appco UK point out that the self-employed brand ambassadors in its network are able to progress at their own rate. With the support of the network, they can start training and mentoring other brand ambassadors and some even decide to work towards running their own marketing companies. Whatever line of work you’re involved in, being self-employed should make it easier for you to advance at your own speed.

You can set your own work-life balance

Striking a healthy work-life balance isn’t always easy for people who have to stick to set working hours. So, it’s worth bearing in mind that choosing to be your own boss can give you much more control over your schedule and make it easier for you to fit your work around your other interests and commitments. Whether you have family responsibilities or you simply want to free up more time to focus on your hobbies, self-employment might suit you perfectly. Being able to create a work-life balance that matches your needs and preferences can help you keep your stress levels in check and make you feel generally happier.

It means you control your earnings

Another major benefit associated with this style of work is the fact that it can enable you to take greater control over your earnings. Your hard work can directly correlate to increased pay packets, unlike if you’re employed and on a set maximum salary or hourly rate. You won’t have to wait for other people to agree to give you a pay rise; instead, you can determine the amount of money you make. As well as potentially benefiting you financially, this direct relationship between your hard work, success and earnings can be rewarding and give you greater job satisfaction.

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