Here’s How One Determined Dad Made Travelling With His Kids Blissful

If you’ve ever spent any time travelling with kids, you’ll know how challenging they can be. Fortunately, most of us spend remarkably little time in the car with our children. The odd school run or trip to the shops and we’re done. We’re certainly not out all day with them, driving thousands of miles. But for some families, the opposite is the case. Chris Elliott is one of those crazy people who loves to spend time on the road with his family. Last year he clocked over 40,000 miles, driving from place to place in his Honda Pilot. And for the rest of us, he’s a resource. He’s the probably done more driving with kids than anybody else. So he knows a thing or two about making journeys more blissful. Here’s what he suggests you do.

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Kids Don’t Love Travel

Chris wants you to know that when it comes to travel, kids are different. Unlike adults, they don’t yearn for new frontiers and pastures new. Instead, they’d rather be alongside their parents, learning about the world through them. Chris’s advice, ironically, is to cut down on travel times. He says that good food and great entertainment is enough to keep most kids happy and content. He wonders whether kids get all that much out of their parents’ sense of adventure. Are they really going to remember every detail of the trip when they’re older? And are long hikes the sort of thing that inspires young children to get out into the wild? Probably not.

Don’t Stress About The Car

Cars can be one of the most stressful parts of any parent’s life. We’ve all had our fair share of stressful times in the car, like putting diesel in petrol cars. But your stress soon rubs off on your kids. If you’re worried about the car while you’re out driving, make sure you’ve got all the relevant cover you need on your vehicle. Ensure that you’re up to date with your vehicle recovery premiums. And if it’s an issue, take out extra insurance that’ll cover your excess if you are ultimately involved in a smash.

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Don’t Overschedule

Chris sees travel with the family as a marathon and not a sprint. But the problem is that many parents feel as if they have to cram as much as they can into their time away from work. After all, most only have one or two weeks to play with at most. Chris says that by trying to cram too much in, your kids will hate you. They won’t want to get into the theme park at 8 am, as soon as the doors open. And they won’t want to stay until 9 pm when the fireworks display finishes. He says that it’s better to plan in advance for shorter days and prioritise those activities that are most important.

Some Destinations Just Aren’t For Kids

There are a bunch of destinations that you should never visit if you’ve got kids. Among them are Macau, Baden-Baden and Las Vegas, according to Chris. The problem with adult playgrounds is that they are just that: for adults. Kids are expressly unwelcome at those destinations. And it shows. You can be moved on without notice just for playing a slot machine in front of your kids in Las Vegas, thanks to strict gambling laws.

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