Considerations for a garage overhaul

Its quite easy to overlook the basic essentials that you need in day to day life, but when it comes to the garage, keeping check of your equipment is a must, for me simply keeping up with all the necessary manly inventory is a task in itself.

Currently my car is due for renewal and I have to start thinking about costs, especially when it comes to the maintenance of my vehicle. I have a friend who seems to be able to do all sorts to fix and keep his car road worthy, which must save him a small fortune but he seems to have lots of equipment at hand.

So I have started to keep a list of the top items I should have available in my garage, along with some handy YouTube videos to train myself in the art of vehicle maintenance! I headed over to SGS Engineering to assist me with the creation of my list of essentials.

1) Tool Chest/Cabinet

Definitely the first item I need to get, my tools are currently all over the house, don’t get me wrong I know generally where they are but its not the ideal way to keep tools at hand if you need them in a hurry!

2) Seating

There is nothing worse than having to hold your self in awkward positions for a length of time, it is essential to have an adjustable seat for when you are working around or underneath your vehicle.

3) Jacks and Stands

For any big job or to simply replace the wheels, you may need to raise your vehicle, ideally a full set of axel stands along with a heavy duty jack is a must.

4) Engine crane

I do not expect to reach the level of expertise that I will ever need to have an engine crane but I am sure to get lots of man points for owning one!

So now I am on my quest to learn some new skills and get a manly garage setup, I am sure the wife will appreciate the space being better organised. I will definitely be more efficient having everything housed in one area.

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