A Fantastic Bedroom You Both Will Love With These Unmissable Tips

It’s hard when you and your partner both have different views on great decor for your bedroom. However, like most things in your marriage, you need to compromise when it comes to decorating. Work together to choose things you both love for your bedroom, so that it looks fantastic. Here are some unmissable tips for creating a wonderful bedroom you both will love!

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Stick to neutral bedding

When you are deciding on bedding for your new bed, you need to stick to neutral bedding. There are a lot of pattern bedding out there, but they are often too feminine. Stick to floral bedding in the spare room. Therefore, look for some neutral bedding which will suit you both in the room. You can then add extras such as pillows and throws to give the bed colour.

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Add elements you both love

Of course, there will both be things you need to make the room perfect for you. For starters, your wife might want to add a lovely piece of artwork from her favourite artist. While you might want to add an old family picture. Both of you should add elements you love to help it feel like home. You should also buy two separate wardrobes so that you both have plenty of space for your clothes. It will stop any issues in the morning when you are trying to get ready for work.

Make a mutual decision on the mattress

It can be hard to choose a mattress when you both might have different ideas of how firm you want it to be. Your wife might want a softer mattress to keep her cosy, while you would rather it was firmer for your back. Go with her to the store to try and find one you both can agree with. You might want to choose memory foam which will mould to your body shape. You can read up online about these such as John Ryan by Design’s guide to memory foam mattresses. Therefore, you can find one which will suit both of your sleeping needs!

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Paint it a soothing colour

You might both disagree when choosing the right colour for your bedroom. After all, your other half might want a brighter yellow while you would rather head for white. You should both try and agree on a soothing colour which will help you get some sleep. Blue is often a good choice as it has calming qualities. Therefore, if you head to bed in a bad mood, it should lift some of your stress and help you get some good sleep! Or red might be good; after all, it’s the colour of romance!

Invest in a throw

It’s hard for couples to find the right temperature in the room for them both. After all, some people need a warmer temperature to sleep, while others like it cold in the bedroom. To ensure you both get some sleep, you should purchase a throw for the bed. That way, if either of you gets cold, you can wrap it around yourself, and won’t need to turn up the heating which will disturb the other person.

Try and avoid having a television in the bedroom. It’s a good room for you to have some alone time, so keep devices away to avoid arguments.

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