Keeping the air flowing #hotweather

Since we have bought our new house, we have noticed a massive difference from the standard mid-terrace brick built house to our current stone built detached one.

With the temperature and ventilation being the two key points. The stone built house offers a far cooler experience downstairs, it could be baking outside but the downstairs remains very pleasantly cool, it is a different story upstairs however with it tending to be slightly warmer, however in our previous dwelling it was stifling on both fronts!

In the back rooms of the house on the top floor we have hard to reach Velux windows, I was keen to try and find a solution so that the boys would be able to open the windows themselves to get some much needed cool air, rather then having to fetch Mum or Dad to do the job (of course on the whole this falls to Mum!) Luckily Rocburn Limited offer a multitude of options to assist with either electronically or manually operated window opening, perfect for those hard to reach windows.

Next up ventilation; it’s really important to ensure your property is kept well ventilated. Our house currently suffers an issue with ventilation specifically in our kitchen, where the windows are very hard to reach due to thick walls and a large kitchen sink stopping you from reaching the handles effectively, it causes the room to become overly steamy so much so that the fire alarms usually get triggered and then all hell breaks loose! (usually with the kids screaming Fire, Fire!)

Along with the problem of steam, comes quite a nasty problem with damp and mold, the extra trouble with our kitchen is the high ceilings, the high of which are double my height, so not easy to wipe down and repaint. So I am definitely needing some assisted window opening management!

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