3 Ways To Help Your Parents As They Get Older


As your parents get older, they will become more dependent on you for help. By giving your parents a helping hand, you are making the later stages of their life more comfortable. For many of us, it can be upsetting to see our parents become frail, vulnerable and unable to do the things they used to. It’s a harsh reminder that they won’t be around forever. This is why it’s so important to help them out as much as you can while they are still here. But it can be difficult to know where to begin and how to start the conversation of offering more help and assistance. Thankfully there are things you can do that will get the ball rolling without causing offense. Read through these suggestions and help your aging parents continue to live their lives to the fullest.

Make time to call them

If there is nothing physically wrong with your parents, you may think that they don’t require any extra help. But sometimes even the most simplest of action can make the biggest impact. Making the effort to call your parents regularly is an easy way of staying in touch. This will keep you updated on their health, any issues they might be experiencing and if there is something they might need. This is an easy way of maintaining a strong relationship with your parents and allows you to offer help when it’s needed. If one of your parents has sadly died, your remaining parent might also suffer from loneliness. This is something that many older people who live alone experienced, and it can affect their health and mood dramatically. Knowing that you are going to call them at a certain time each week will help to banish feelings of loneliness. They will love to hear from you, and this will increase their mood no end. You can also use your phone to arrange visits and day trips out. Set a weekly alert on your phone to remind you to get in touch with your parents to prevent you from forgetting.

Look for potential problems

Visiting your parents home is another way of helping them as they age. Not only will they enjoy your company, but it will also give you the chance to do home repairs they may be unable to complete. Some elderly people can struggle to complete home repairs and improvements by themselves. So take your toolbox with you to your visit just in case there is anything that needs to be fixed. Visiting will also help you spot potential problems that could make their home unsuitable and unsafe. For instance, if your parents have mobility issues they may struggle to get up stairs and lose balance easily. You can then look at ways in which their homes can be improved. Handrails, step lifts, and hoists are all devices that could make a difference to your parents as they get older. These devices can help people live independently, while also making their homes safer to live in. Consider which devices may make your parents lives easier and do plenty of research before approaching them with the idea.


Encourage them to get involved

Many people can feel isolated as they get older, and this can stop them from being as active as they once were. It’s important for your parents to remain physically and mentally active if they want to remain fit and healthy. To help them do this, look for senior exercise activities that are held near to their home. From walking to dance classes, there are many activities that older people can take part in. Churches, community centers, and gyms are popular venues for these events, and they are often very popular. They can continue to stay as active as they can be while also making new friends and having fun. This will benefit them physically and help them stay more mobile for longer. In addition to this, you might also want to search for activities that keep their minds active too. Craft groups, quiz teams, and book clubs are all fantastic examples. Provide lots of encouragement and offer to take them to these events if they are unsure how to get there.

Patience is key when you are offering help. Your parents might not openly accept it straight away. But don’t let that put you off altogether. Getting older is something none of us like to admit and it can be difficult to come to terms with. So try one or all of these suggestions, but remember to be patient throughout.

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