Protecting you home while away #holiday #secure

As a family we love to holiday, we have been all over the UK taking in the sights and trying many of the lovely attractions, I have mentioned our favorite being Legoland.

With the UK weather being what it is, the Mrs decided we needed to go to sunnier climbs, and has booked us on a great holiday abroad, however booking the holiday seems to be the easy part.

When it comes to sorting out the rest, travel insurance, the dog and packing it becomes an additional chore, however with the Mrs doing more than her fair share of sorting these out, the onus to ensure the house is safe while we are away falls squarely with me.

We all know the basics to keep our house safe:

  • Do not leave valuable on view
  • Do not leave keys in locks (especially windows I have noticed lots of people do this!)
  • Get a neighbour or members of your family to routinely check your property

But its not always that simple, sometimes you need that little extra peace of mind. As always I have been researching my options, the Mrs gets really disgruntled at my “researching” but I always like to make sure a purchase is well thought out.

I have been reading up on smart technology, its something I have always enjoyed (of course anything remotely tech I love!) and I must say I like the look of the Panasonic Smart Hub not only does it boast great features that can be expanded upon but its quick and easy to set up with a simple one-touch pairing system (even the mother-in-law could do it!?), as demonstrated here:

Along with the options available you can remotely control devices from an app and the best thing there is no monthly fee associated with the system.

I did have concerns that adding another wireless hub would interfere with our wireless internet however the Smart hub uses ultra low energy wireless that is virtually invisible to regular products. Another thought I had was about the coverage, however wireless coverage has a maximum reach of around 300 meters, so I think most of us can rest assured that coverage will not be an issue.

I am sure this will put mine and the Mrs mind at ease to ensure we can relax poolside enjoying our family holiday safe in the knowledge we can check back home with a click of a button.

But even after your holiday is a long distant memory there is huge scope for day to day use.

For example when I am in the office the app will contact me if someone is knocking at my door, it detects them via motion sensors and allows you to communicate via a two way microphone which in itself is a great bonus feature! No more missed or missing parcels that for sure! (we have had a few going walking before now!)

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