Are There Weaknesses In Your Home’s Security?


Are there weakness in your home’s security? We don’t want to be the bringer of bad news, but there very well might be. Consider the following and think about what changes may need to be made. We gave you tips on what to do after a burglary, but your best line of defence is to preempt those thieving miscreants in the first place.

Possible weaknesses within your home.


  • Your window and door locks aren’t up to the job. Perhaps because you have bought something cheaply, or because once decent locks are now rusted and worn, that line of defence you thought was reliable may no longer pass muster. Replace them with something heavy duty, doubling down on your defence with high-security cylinder sets and a deadbolt lock. Burglars will have a harder time breaking in with these bad boys installed, so the investment will be worth it.
  • There are plenty of smash and grab opportunities. Glass doors and windows near places of interest are a temptation to burglars. If they can simply smash a glass pane, reach in and grab something, or gain entry by unlocking the door from an outstretched hand, then they will. First of all, don’t leave anything valuable in sight of the burglar. The less they see, the less of a temptation to break through your glass barriers. Then replace the window panes with security glass, or install security window film to make it harder for the burglar to gain access.
  • You don’t have an alarm system. How will you know if there is a burglar tiptoeing around your house at night? You won’t, not unless you install an alarm system in your home. Not only will it alert you to an intruder within your property, but it will also act as a deterrent, as burglars are less likely to enter if they know there is an alarm system in place. You can get what you need from Kino AV, as well as extra security, including CCTV cameras and access control systems, for greater peace of mind.
  • You leave your spare key in obvious places. Where have you hidden your spare key? if it’s under your rockery, garden gnome, or (sigh) your doormat, then know that these are obvious places for the burglar to look. Instead, leave your key with a family member or trusted neighbour, or if you do insist on leaving your key outside, forsake the usual places for these genius hiding spots instead. Unless the burglar is reading this article now (darn miscreant you), they will have a harder time finding the key.
  • You have no secondary lines of defense. While you may have focussed on the external doors and windows, consider forming a greater circle of protection by installing deadbolt locks on your internal doors as well. Especially in areas where there is something worthy of stealing, you don’t want to give the burglar free access should they have penetrated your outer defenses. Be sure to purchase a strong safe too, keeping money, jewellery, and other vulnerable items secured away safely. Hint: as you would on your computer (we assume), use difficult to guess passwords and lock codes on your safe.

So, we ask again. Are there weaknesses in your home’s security? If any of the above are true, then the answer is ‘yes.’ Don’t give the burglar a chance. Get on top of things now, and install the security measures we suggested. It’s better to be safe than sorry, after all!

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